5 Essential Features a Multichannel Software Should have

5 Essential Features a Multichannel Software Should have


Multichannel software

If you’re paying a regular fee (monthly or yearly, for example) for a multichannel software, there a a few features we’d consider essential to make the software worth your hard earned money. Besides being easy to set up, easy to use, and So here are the 5 features we a multichannel software needs in order to be good value for money.

Inventory Management Across Multiple Channels 

This is most likely the main reason you’ve decided to invest in a multichannel software- selling on more than one channel can be confusing, especially in terms of managing your inventory (and even more so if your inventory is particularly large and varied). Your software should be able to sync your inventories across these channels in real time, so you don’t have to log into multiple accounts and manage it manually. You should be able to view all your channels and products on one easy-to-read dashboard, and set re-order levels for products so that when they reach a minimum quantity, you will automatically be notified.

Order Management 

Your multichannel software should also have an order management function built in, allowing you to view all your orders and check their statuses across your multiple channels from the system – again, eliminating the need to log into your numerous web stores. The software should further save you time in processing your orders by allowing you to create phone orders, and export orders into the system via CSV or text file.


Ideally, a multichannel software should have features built in to help streamline your shipping process. There are a number of different areas this could cover, but the ability to generate and batch print your shipping labels is a good start. Being able to create rules for orders to assign couriers based on minumum/maximum order price/weight, domestic/international shipping, and marketplace would make the software even more intelligent and worth your money.

Purchase Orders and Suppliers

If you can use your multichannel software to manage your purchase orders and suppliers, you’re really onto a winner – even better if the software is integrated with an accounting software. You should be able to manage your suppliers -adding, editing and deleting them – from the software, and also be able to email your purchase orders directly to them once a new one is created.


Sales reports are important to your business as they allow you to see how well you’re selling. A multichannel software should automate these for you to save you time and effort, and also eliminate the worry of human error. These reports should include nicely presented and easy to understand graphs and key statistics on each of your sales channels, as well as on individual brands, so you can compare on where/what is selling well and identify any stock you don’t want to replenish.

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