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Shopify vs eBay

Shopify vs eBay: Which is Best to Grow Your Ecommerce Business?

Written by Mike Glover • 4th February 2020

Looking to start selling goods online? You should be. According to 99firms research, ecommerce accounted for 13.7% of global retail sales in 2019 – up from just 7.4% in 2015. And this is set to steadily rise up to a huge 95% by 2040. But this begs the question: Where should I actually sell my […]

All the Ways We Made Veeqo Even Better in 2019 (And What’s Coming in 2020)

Written by Jade Gould • 23rd January 2020

What a year it’s been here at Veeqo. We’ve rapidly scaled and improved the Veeqo product after securing a £3.3 million growth investment back in March. Meaning 2019 was a huge opportunity for us to take our software to the next level. The result? Hundreds of updates, new features, BETA releases and bug fixes. So […]

Google Product Listing Ads

How to Use Google Product Listing Ads to Drive High-Spending Buyers to Your Store

Written by Mike Glover • 17th January 2020

Want to bring more high-spending buyers to your online store? You need to get Google Product Listing Ads set up. And this isn’t just another flaky marketing channel. In fact, Smart Insights found that Google Shopping now drives more than 75% of retail search ad spend. But what are they? And how can you use them […]

How to keep track of inventory

How to Keep Track of Inventory in Your Ecommerce Business

Written by Mike Glover • 13th January 2020

Inventory tracking may be a dull subject. But messing it up can have catastrophic results for an ecommerce business. Get it wrong, and you run the risk of: Running out of goods without realising. Becoming inundated in a never ending stream of backorders. Delivering a poor customer experience through delays and disappointment. So, good inventory […]

Ecommerce Conferences 2020

Ecommerce Conferences 2020: 79+ Events to Help Grow Your Retail Business This Year

Written by Mike Glover • 10th December 2019

Growing an ecommerce business in 2020 means staying ahead of the curve. Marketing ideas and trends move rapidly. And what worked last year, may be a complete dud this time around. How do keep your finger on the pulse? Through industry leading speakers and educators at quality conferences and events. So we put together a […]

Ecommerce Content Marketing

Ecommerce Content Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Making Sales via Blog Content

Written by Nico Prins • 3rd December 2019

Content marketing is the secret ecommerce weapon most of your competitors are failing to use properly. Success is no longer just about product pages. Building out your blog will help: Generate an evergreen flow of free, targeted, quality traffic. Showcase your products solving specific problems. Drive up loyalty, repeat purchases and customer lifetime value. But […]

Ecommerce Tools 2020

34 Essential Ecommerce Tools to Accelerate Growth in 2020

Written by Mike Glover • 1st December 2019

Looking to double down on your online retail growth? You’ll need some epic ecommerce tools to help you get there. The industry is changing and expanding faster than ever. New trends, new tactics, new ideas. All huge opportunities to drive growth and sales. But there’s no way you can take advantage of everything without some […]

Nudge Marketing

5 Nudge Marketing Ideas to Guide More Browsers into Buyers

Written by Nikole Wintermeier • 20th November 2019

Nudge marketing is becoming a powerful conversion tool for ecommerce brands. No more ugly, brazen, ‘in your face’ offers and urgency tactics. Nudges use simple psychology to subtly guide store browsers into making a purchase – and they’re massively effective. Easier said than done? Not anymore. This post gives a complete rundown of what nudges […]

UGC Examples

UGC Examples: 7 Ecommerce Brands Driving Major Sales with User-Generated Content

Written by Anastasia Masters • 13th November 2019

User-generated content is the Holy Grail of social marketing – sparking viral buzz and a constant stream of free product promos. And the research backs it up too: More than 92% of consumers trust earned media (like advice from family and friends) more than all other forms of advertising. 90% of US shoppers say UGC […]