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Shopify or Amazon? The Benefits of Multi-Channel eCommerce

Written by David • 28th October 2013

As an eCommerce trader, is it better to sell on Shopify or Amazon? Starting your own retail business has never been easier. As long as you’ve got a product to sell, and some basic computer skills, you’re ready to trade. With Amazon, you can list your products for sale in the Amazon Marketplace. Listing products […]

How Veeqo Manages a Remote Development Team

Written by David • 21st October 2013

Managing or being part of a distributed workforce is now commonplace for most developers. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Getting the best out of your people, and keeping everyone inspired and on-track towards a common goal is even more tricky when your team live in a range of timezones and are from different cultural […]

Why Shopify is a Must Have for High Street Traders

Written by David • 14th October 2013

Britain’s high streets are in decline. One in six shops lies empty. A recent report found half of high street retailers are in danger of closing down. Out of town shopping centres are one reason for this decline, but what’s really driving the change is internet shopping. According to the government figures, the internet now […]

6 Ethical Ways to Attract Powerful Backlinks and Improve Your SEO

Written by David • 7th October 2013

SEO has always been a vital tool in the Internet marketer’s box of tricks. And crucial to SEO is getting quality links to your site. In times gone by, links were easy to come by. If you knew the right tricks, you could pick up links left, right and centre and get a top Google […]

Pinterest and the Art of Reverse Showrooming

Written by David • 30th September 2013

Bricks and mortar retailers have identified showrooming as a major threat to their business. Showrooming is where customers browse products in-store, choose what they like, then buy online from a different retailer at a cheaper price. With smartphones in practically everyone’s pockets, the practice has stirred up a storm in the retail world. But now […]

7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Amazon Sales

Written by David • 23rd September 2013

Setting up shop on Amazon is the simple route to start an eCommerce business. Anyone with a tiny bit of Internet savvy and a product to see can do it. Plus, Amazon’s 120 million customers mean you’ll have your own slice of the pie in one of the world’s biggest marketplaces. There are plenty of […]

8 Essential Facts About Mobile Commerce (And What They Mean for Your Business)

Written by David • 16th September 2013

Mobile is big business. In 2012, PayPal handled nearly $14 billion in mobile payments. This is an eCommerce sector that’s booming. To help you stay on top of things, we’ve put together 8 of the most important facts about mobile commerce. Read on to find out how mobile is shifting the world of eCommerce.

The UK’s Top 5 Open Source eCommerce Platforms

Written by David • 2nd September 2013

When you’re choosing an eCommerce platform for your online business, it can be helpful to know what everyone else is doing. So here at Veeqo we’ve spent the past month crunching numbers to find out the most popular eCommerce platforms in the UK. We’ve listed them here together with the pros and cons of each […]

The Pros and Cons of Responsive Web Design

Written by David • 27th August 2013

Surfing the ‘net on a smartphone or tablet is a completely different experience to browsing at a PC or laptop. In general, using a tablet is a richer experience, with finger scrolling, pinch zooming and link tapping. But when you come across a website from the dark ages, tablets struggle. In other words, if your […]

How to Nudge Customers Towards the Checkout with Social Media

Written by David • 20th August 2013

Social networking, we’re told over and over again, is all about relationships. Which is all very well. But that doesn’t answer the question on the mind of every business owner. Can social lead to sales? The research has been done, and the results are in. It’s good news! Social can (and does) lead to sales […]