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How Much Should You Spend Acquring New Customers?

Written by David • 29th April 2013

Every company survives and thrives on new customers. Without a steady influx of new buyers, you’re headed for the business graveyard. Of course, if you’re struggling to pull in new customers, you can survive for a while on your current customer base. But eventually your profits will fade away as your customers turn to your […]

Why Colour Matters for Your eCommerce Store

Written by David • 22nd April 2013

If you’re like most small business owners, chances are you chose the colours of your website the same way you chose the paint for your bedroom walls: you like the look of it; it makes you feel good. Maybe you let your designer choose the colours for you. You might have given some lip service […]

5 Key Lessons from The Ultimate Dropshipping Guide

Written by David • 16th April 2013

Dropshipping is one of the simplest ways to enter the world of eCommerce. All you need is an eBay account, Amazon store, or a website, and you’re ready to go. The products you sell ship straight from the manufacturer or wholesaler to your customer’s doorstep. With dropshipping, you have neither the expense of a warehouse […]

The King of eCommerce Just Got A Bigger, More Shiny Crown

Written by David • 9th April 2013

The Customer is King. Knowledge is Power. They’re old, worn and overused cliches. But that’s for a reason. For the most part, when it comes to business, they’re true. And now, thanks to the smartphone in his pocket (or iPad in her handbag) the King just got even more powerful. Your customers have access to […]

Hotdogs & Dreams: What are you really selling?

Written by David • 2nd April 2013

When you’re writing web copy, taking product photos and designing your website, it helps to know what you’re selling. After all, if you know what you’re selling, you can make it more prominent, and give customers a clear idea of how your product or service meets their needs. But do you know what you’re selling, […]

What’s Your Brand’s Personality?

Written by David • 25th March 2013

The Internet has opened up business opportunities for anyone with an iPad and a WiFi connection. That’s great news for budding entrepreneurs, but it also creates its own challenges. With anyone able to start a business, competition is rife. You must go the extra mile to get your brand in front of eyeballs, and get […]

8 Reasons to Set Up Shop Online Today

Written by David • 18th March 2013

For real-world retailers and small businesses, the prospect of entering the world of eCommerce is a daunting one. You have a ton of questions and concerns. Who will set up your website? How much will it cost? How will you manage your inventory? What about all the technical skills you need? Truthfully, it needn’t be […]

Do Customer Complaints Really Matter?

Written by David • 11th March 2013

No business can satisfy 100% of customers every day of the week, every week of the year. For one, different customers have varying expectations. On top of that, there are days when things go unavoidably wrong. A bug on your ordering system, parcels lost in transit, a customer services rep having a bad day, or […]

5 Ways To Get Customer Reviews and Build Trust (& 3 Ways to Blow It All)

Written by David • 4th March 2013

You’re likely well aware that positive reviews on your business and products give you the edge over your eCommerce competitors, because they show you’re open and engaged. But just how important are reviews? Recent research by found 84% of customers will only interact with a brand online if they trust that brand. The key […]

Split Testing – The Secret Weapon of eCommerce

Written by David • 25th February 2013

A-B testing, or split testing, is the biggest “open secret” of web developers. It has the potential to transform your eCommerce business by helping you redesign your website and update your web copy to skyrocket sales. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of it, however. Google has been using it for over a decade, but […]