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Are you burning money with these PPC mistakes?

Written by David Masters • 27th May 2013

Pay-per-click ad campaigns are a two-edged sword. Get your campaign right, and you’ll have a constant stream of new customers buying from your eCommerce store. Mess it up, and you could wipe out all your profits on ads that fail to convert. The way PPC works is simple. You create a Google AdWords account and […]

How to Optimise Product Search in Your eCommerce Store

Written by David Masters • 20th May 2013

Want people to buy your products? Of course you do. That’s why you’re in business. Yet there’s a basic truth many eCommerce store managers overlook. For anyone to buy a product in your store, they’ve first got to find the product they need. If you’re putting any barriers in the way of your customers finding […]

How to Get Customers to Tell Their Friends About Your Online Store

Written by David Masters • 13th May 2013

Customer recommendations are the lifeblood of any successful business. In the age of social media, this is more true than ever. Nowadays, we’re all cynical about anyone who tries to sell us something. Salespeople get the door slammed in their face. Instead, we turn to our friends for advice. Word of mouth is powerful because […]

8 Ways to Give Your Online Store the Personal Touch

Written by David Masters • 7th May 2013

How can you stand out from the crowd in the world of eCommerce when Amazon can always undercut you? Price is a key factor for consumers choosing where to shop. That’s why Tesco and Amazon dominate. But it’s not the only factor. Even in a difficult economic climate, the tide is turning in favour of […]

How Much Should You Spend Acquring New Customers?

Written by David Masters • 29th April 2013

Every company survives and thrives on new customers. Without a steady influx of new buyers, you’re headed for the business graveyard. Of course, if you’re struggling to pull in new customers, you can survive for a while on your current customer base. But eventually your profits will fade away as your customers turn to your […]

Why Colour Matters for Your eCommerce Store

Written by David Masters • 22nd April 2013

If you’re like most small business owners, chances are you chose the colours of your website the same way you chose the paint for your bedroom walls: you like the look of it; it makes you feel good. Maybe you let your designer choose the colours for you. You might have given some lip service […]

5 Key Lessons from The Ultimate Dropshipping Guide

Written by David Masters • 16th April 2013

Dropshipping is one of the simplest ways to enter the world of eCommerce. All you need is an eBay account, Amazon store, or a website, and you’re ready to go. The products you sell ship straight from the manufacturer or wholesaler to your customer’s doorstep. With dropshipping, you have neither the expense of a warehouse […]

The King of eCommerce Just Got A Bigger, More Shiny Crown

Written by David Masters • 9th April 2013

The Customer is King. Knowledge is Power. They’re old, worn and overused cliches. But that’s for a reason. For the most part, when it comes to business, they’re true. And now, thanks to the smartphone in his pocket (or iPad in her handbag) the King just got even more powerful. Your customers have access to […]

Hotdogs & Dreams: What are you really selling?

Written by David Masters • 2nd April 2013

When you’re writing web copy, taking product photos and designing your website, it helps to know what you’re selling. After all, if you know what you’re selling, you can make it more prominent, and give customers a clear idea of how your product or service meets their needs. But do you know what you’re selling, […]

What’s Your Brand’s Personality?

Written by David Masters • 25th March 2013

The Internet has opened up business opportunities for anyone with an iPad and a WiFi connection. That’s great news for budding entrepreneurs, but it also creates its own challenges. With anyone able to start a business, competition is rife. You must go the extra mile to get your brand in front of eyeballs, and get […]