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4 Charming Christmas eCommerce Infographics We Know You’ll Love


Christmas is well and truly upon us, so we’ve decided to keep things light this week.

We’ve taken a sleigh ride through cyberspace looking for the best Christmas infographics, especially those with an eCommerce twist.

You could say all this stat-packed graphical goodness is our Christmas gift, just for you.

Here are our favourites. We hope you like them as much as we do.

The Perfect Christmas Gift

This beautifully crafted infographic from Text Marketer features some mindblowing stats. Did you know that the average British household spends nearly £1,000 ($1,600) on Christmas, including £170 on Christmas dinner?

We Brits gulp down 250 million pints of beer and eat our way through 25 million Christmas puddings during the festive season.

There’s also good news for eCommerce traders. Three in five (59%) British shoppers and half (47%) of US shoppers did most of their Christmas shopping online last year.

Treat yourself to the full infographic here.

10 Ways to Make the Most of Your eCommerce Christmas

Those merry folk over at BT have made the infographic every eCommerce trader was wishing for. It features 10 tips to help eCommerce stores make the most of Christmas.

Tips include offering a gift wrapping service to keep Christmas simple for your customers, and offering a premium delivery service for last-minute shoppers.

Christmassy eCommerce stats are dotted throughout – including the fact that 42% of shoppers don’t like shopping in-store during the Christmas rush.

Pick up your ten Christmas eCommerce tips here.

E-Commerce Holiday Marketing

Have you heard of the Commerce Monks? If you haven’t, you should check out these cute little guys – even if only to take a look at their handy infographic on Christmas marketing.

Santa on a turquoise moped (he moves!) made our day. But in addition to the graphical charms, there are serious stats here, too.

The chart showing the weekly sales breakdown is enlightening (way to go, monks!). And did you know 17 December is “Free Shipping Day”, because it’s the last day most e-tailers offer products shipped for free that will arrive by Christmas day?

You may also be interested to discover that email marketing, SEO and social media are ranked as the top three marketing channels by multi-channel e-commerce traders.

Want to know more? The complete Christmas eCommerce infographic from the monks is here.

Holiday Engagement Goes Mobile

Our final infographic from sparked lacks the design charm and graphical magic of the other ecommerce infographics we chose, but we simply had to feature it because it’s impossible to ignore the rise and rise of mobile commerce.

Top stats from this infographic include the fact that 73% of shoppers have showroomed in the past six months, and mobile retail sales are expected to hit over $34 billion this year, up from $21 billion in 2012 (that’s a 62% rise).

For a deluge of mobile commerce facts check out the infographic here.

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Written by David Masters

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