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4 Reasons Why Shipping In Veeqo Just Got Better


As a retailer, shipping your products is one of the most important parts of running your business. That’s why we’re super excited to reveal 4 awesome reasons why shipping in Veeqo has just gotten even better!

1. International Shipping With No Set Up

Always wanted to ship your products internationally, but found it too difficult? With Veeqo it’s never been easier to ship your products all over the world. Thanks to our integration with DHL, one of the world’s most reliable and efficient international shipping providers, there’s absolutely no account setup required – now every Veeqo customer is an international retailer!

2. Everything In One Place

Ship, manage and track all of your deliveries in one centralised platform. No need to log in to different systems to manage your shipments – everything is done directly in Veeqo.

3. Discounted Shipping Rates

Save up to 30% off standard shipping rates, simply by using Veeqo. How great is that?!

4. A Dedicated Veeqo Account Manager

Got a problem with your shipping? Need to ask a question? You’ll have a single point of contact for any support queries related to your shipping in Veeqo.


So there you have it – 4 awesome reasons why shipping your products in Veeqo is even better. Now you’re an international retailer, and can easily ship your parcels all over the world. So get your ship together and take your business to the next level!

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Written by Duncan La Barre

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