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4 People You’ll Keep Smiling With Order Aggregation

Written by David Masters • 18th February 2013

With online retail accounting for 10% of consumer spending, more and more businesses are opting to sell online. But moving your business online brings its own problems. Putting yourself out there and selling through as many outlets as possible seems like a good idea. After all, being on Amazon and eBay brings more online “footfall” […]

How Veeqo Crowdfunded Its £30,000 Start-Up Costs

Written by David Masters • 12th February 2013

This week, Veeqo founder Matt Warren explains how he funded Veeqo’s start-up costs using the Seedrs crowd-funding platform. Hello Mike – do you like this new grey box? Isn’t this new grey box amazing? And very easy to set up. Just wrap everything in a div container using the class “grey-box”. All the styling should […]

The #1 Reason Your Customers Abandon Their Shopping Carts

Written by David Masters • 4th February 2013

If you’re a typical eCommerce business, two thirds of your customers will back out of handing over their cash after they’ve filled their shopping cart with your products. That’s according to research by Invesp, which found only 34.77% of customers go on to buy goods they’ve put in their carts. Imagine if this happened in […]