UK eCommerce Platform

The UK’s Big 4 Hosted and Paid eCommerce Platforms

Written by • 9th May 2016

What is a hosted or paid eCommerce platform? A hosted platform is an ideal solution for e-commerce retailers who don’t want to worry about the complexities of selling. For a nominal monthly fee the platform will support you with any technical issues, future upgrades, storage and security. The downsides are that there are restrictions to how […]

Veeqo | We’re now Integrated with Amazon FBA and Zapier

Written by • 5th May 2016

  We are happy to announce that we are now integrated with Amazon FBA and Zapier. Amazon FBA This is a hugely popular solution with retailers! Amazon will handle the picking, packing and shipping of your orders directly to your customers. This is not only freeing up time for retailers, but it’s allowing them to […]

How to turn returns into sales

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Returns are inevitable and the problem with some retailers is that they can take the sign of returns too personally. I was the same, before working at Veeqo I worked for an e-commerce packaging company. As soon as we received a return it would get me down. Not only would I have to refund the item […]

uk trade shows

The Tools You Need to Sell at UK Trade Shows

Written by • 29th April 2016

Whether you’ve already exhibited your products at a trade show or event, or you are planning to, there is a lot to consider before you rock up at the venue. Planning and preparation is everything with events and the benefits can have a lasting effect on your business. Events are a cost effective solution that […]


Introducing Spently – An Email Builder for Shopify

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We don’t do this often, but when I find a tool I think our users can benefit from, I like to pass it on. This particular tool is ideal for all of our Shopify users. I’ve been talking to the guys from a company called Spently in the past few weeks. If you haven’t heard about […]

woocommerce to shopify

How to migrate from WooCommerce to Shopify

Written by • 21st April 2016

So you’ve decided to move your e-commerce business from WooCommerce to Shopify? Good choice! Shopify is not only a great solution for small to medium retailers, but it has the capabilities to grow alongside your business. It can be a very complicated process when transferring your whole business between platforms. I’ve broken this guide into […]

Veeqo | We’ve Found A New Home

Written by • 17th April 2016

It’s official! We’ve found a new home and this Wednesday we celebrated its unveiling. Our 15,000 sq ft home will feature shared office space for our friends in Skippr, Bobadeg,, Fish Feed, Bildy & The Booking Factory. Also included is an event room, plus a ground floor cafe open to the general public. Our […]

Shopify Plus vs Magento vs Bigcommerce Enterprise

Written by • 15th April 2016

In the ecommerce world, Magento has positioned itself very nicely as the go-to platform for large enterprise retailers. However in the past few years both Shopify and Bigcommerce have put up challenges to the throne in the form of Shopify Plus and Bigcommerce Enterprise. All 3 packages are designed for larger retailers who demanded larger […]

Veeqo | We’ve acquired ParcelBright

Written by • 8th April 2016

We are delighted to announce that we have purchased the London based shipping startup ParcelBright. ParcelBright have been successfully providing 5,000+ companies with exclusive discounts from the world’s biggest couriers. They make parcel delivery simple and will help us achieve our goal of making life easier for online sellers. HOW WILL THIS BENEFIT VEEQO USERS? […]

Top 15 WooCommerce Themes

Written by • 6th April 2016

WordPress easy and convenient CMS is ideal for building or revamping your website. It’s a great solution for a personal page, to a huge eCommerce website, thanks their plugin WooCommerce. WooCommerce’s responsive design, short-codes, clear shipping and tax settings, diverse marketing promotion options and payment gateways will let you set and customise your website to […]