6 ways to rule Amazon Prime Day 2016

Written by • 8th July 2016

It’s Amazon Prime Day 2016 on Tuesday 12th July! So let’s get the bad stuff out the way initially. To say 2015’s Amazon Prime Day fell short with Prime customers may be something of an understatement. Many suggesting that Amazon’s selection of sales was underwhelming. ThinkHeroPro mocked the failings very well in this video. Amazon Prime […]

How to increase your ecommerce conversion rate with UGC

Written by • 6th July 2016

Social proof is a key factor in online shopping, mostly because it is an environment in which people can’t touch, see or feel the product they are buying. Potential customers are often seen seeking the opinion from previous buyers to decide whether to make the purchase or not. Winning a customer’s trust is crucial for […]

What Brexit now means for UK Sellers

Written by • 29th June 2016

With the effects of Brexit filtering through, what impact will this have on retailers? Below I explore the positives and negatives in regards to importing and cross border trade. Including what this means for marketplace and e-com store sellers and some future predictions. Last Thursday an historic vote was cast which resulted in Britain’s imminent […]

50 E-Commerce Stats You Need to Know

Written by • 24th June 2016

In 2015 global e-commerce sales hit $1.7 trillion. In 2016 that looks to be much closer to $2 trillion. With a plethora of marketplaces for consumers to shop on and for sellers to list their products, this figure only looks to increase year on year. Therefore we’ve compile the top 50 e-commerce stats you need […]

Stock take feature announcement

Veeqo | Cycle Stock take feature announcement

Written by • 22nd June 2016

Announcing Veeqo’s Cycle Stock take feature. Say bye bye to losing money due to missing stock. With cycle stock count you are certain of what stock you physically have at any moment. Benefits of Cycle stock take: Minimal disruption to business Constantly accurate inventory levels Less time consuming than 1 time stock takes What you […]

5 Retailers who are crushing their marketing

Written by • 17th June 2016

Last week I mentioned how there are around 24 million e-commerce websites globally. Sometimes you may feel as if you have 24 million direct competitors! Standing out from the crowd can be difficult, but the 5 companies below have managed to do that. They range from sports supplements, eyewear and fashion clothing which are all […]

5 Smart Ways to Engage your Customers

Written by • 10th June 2016

We’ve all been there. Aimlessly scrolling through your news feed or randomly browsing websites without coming to a decision. Apparently a landing page, piece of content or e-commerce site has just 8 seconds to grab our attention. 8 lousy seconds, that’s how impatient we have become as a generation. So how can you engage with your […]

10 ways Brexit will impact UK Online Sellers

Written by • 3rd June 2016

Earlier this week The Guardian reported that there was a 52-48% split in favour of Britain leaving the European Union. However this figure is slightly different when pitched to small businesses. With them broadly favouring staying within the EU. Many online sellers within the UK, have found that being a part of the EU has been […]


Veeqo | Meet our New Chief Revenue Officer, JC

Written by • 31st May 2016

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of our new Chief Revenue Officer Jean-Christophe Taunay-Bucalo. His last role at Vend was as Chief Revenue Officer where he started as one of the first employees and helped grow the business to be worth $150m+, which has 15,000 customers worldwide and over 200 employees. JC as Jean-Christophe Taunay-Bucalo prefers to be […]

Stock take feature announcement

18 clever ways to clear out old stock

Written by • 27th May 2016

Having stock piled up in a warehouse, garage or house is not only a hinderance on you spatially, but also financially. Not being able to shift an item that’s been rotting away in the corner can be majorly frustrating. A lot of retailers find themselves devoting so much time on shifting these goods, that they […]