5 Productivity Tips to Help You Reach Your Business Goals


It’s the time of year when News Year’s resolutions are on the cards.

Why not take a few minutes amidst the hectic rush of cleaning up after Christmas and promoting your January Sale to reflect on what you want for your business in the year ahead?

Whatever your business goals, being more productive will help you reach them faster.

We’ve put together five top productivity tips to help you make the year ahead your best yet.

1. Stake Energy Vampires Through the Heart

Vampires might be the most bankable movie characters right now, but you shouldn’t leave any room for them in your business.

As an entrepreneur and business owner, energy is your most valuable asset. You might have more than most, but that doesn’t give you license to waste it.

Distractions such as constantly checking your email, browsing Facebook during work time, and the guy in the office who won’t stop asking stupid questions are energy vampires. They quench your fire and give nothing back. Make this year the time when you give these energy vampires their final goodbye.

2. Be Careful What You Say Yes To

We entrepreneurs are go getters. We hate saying no when opportunity calls.

But only by learning to say no can be give the best we have to our best projects.

Having too many projects on the burner means none of them get the attention they deserve. Saying “yes” to too much could be holding you back from making your current businesses the best they can be.

If you’re not getting enough, it could be time to reset your priorities.

3. Exercise

Research shows people who exercise regularly get more done. That’s because working out gives you an energy boost.

Do you feel lethargic in the mornings? Instead of staring bleary-eyed at the news headlines on your iPad over a cup of coffee, head out to the gym.

Exercise sets you up for an awesome day.

4. Sleep

We’ve all heard the stories of super-humans who build their business empires on four hours sleep a night.

Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post, says: “My single most effective trick for getting things done is to stop doing what I’m doing and get some sleep.”

Unless you genuinely only need a little sleep, then it’s vital you get enough. Fact: Sleep replenishes your energy reserves and restores your brain power. Most of us need 7-9 hours a night.

Start giving downtime the priority it deserves, and you’ll startle yourself at how much you achieve in your uptime.

5. When You’re At Work, Work

If you’re anything like most entrepreneurs, you work anywhere and everywhere. Some days you’re in your home office. Other days you’re at a co-working space. In the evenings, you work in front of the TV. And when you’re travelling you work in your car, or on the plane.

The problem with constantly working everywhere is that there are always distractions around you, tempting you to goof off.

Instead of being on the go around the clock, make sure you get time for yourself and your family. And when you’re at work, work.

One helpful tip that can help you adopt this mindset is to divide your clothes into work outfits (business attire works well), and home wear. That way, you know what to do based on how you’re dressed.

Over to You

What are your top productivity tips? You can share them in the comments.

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Written by David Masters

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