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Discounted Worldwide DHL Shipping for UK Veeqo Retailers

Introducing Discounted Worldwide DHL Shipping for UK Veeqo Retailers

Written by Jimmy Kwok • 15th December 2017

Shipping orders anywhere in the world just got a whole lot more affordable for Veeqo retailers. International shipping is an essential tool for large ecommerce retailers. So we’ve made it easy to ship to your customers anywhere in the world via DHL, directly from your Veeqo account. Let’s imagine you need to deliver an order […]

Meet our Head of Shipping and Tech Mastermind, Jimmy Kwok

Written by Chloe Hardman • 13th December 2017

Almost two years ago, Veeqo acquired ParcelBright, which enabled our customers to not only save time, but also save money when shipping their orders. Alongside this came a character with bags of personality and a mind full of knowledge, ParcelBright COO, Jimmy Kwok. Since the acquisition, Jimmy has become a huge part of the Veeqo […]

inventory control methods for stock optimisation

7 Inventory Control Methods to Bulletproof Your Retail Operation

Written by Mike Glover • 7th December 2017

Running a slick and seamless retail operation is one of the best ways to blow your competition out the water. Fewer mistakes are made. Orders get out the door faster. Less money is wasted. And you create raving, loyal customers. One of the fundamental parts of achieving this is stock optimisation and gaining precision control […]

Veeqo Partner Programme Header

Veeqo Partner Programme: A Strong Ecosystem Defining the Future of Ecommerce

Written by Mark Robertson • 4th December 2017

Launching a partner programme is something we’ve wanted to do at Veeqo for some time now. And in 2017 this became a reality. The idea was quite simple. A commitment to growing a tight ecosystem of partners who would be excited to help their clients by introducing them to Veeqo. With so many partnerships to […]

Meet our Office Assistant and Creative Whizz, Jade Gould

Written by Chloe Hardman • 30th November 2017

Our newest recruit at Veeqo is the super-talented Jade Gould from Bristol, who joined us a couple of months ago as our Office Assistant. Now that she’s all settled in, we thought it was about time we sat down and got to know the real Jade… Jade, how’s your first month been so far? Amazing! […]


Retail Marketing Calendar 2018: Key Dates & Some Killer Campaigns

Written by Mike Glover • 27th November 2017

Preparation is crucial for making 2018 your best year ever as a retailer. A last minute promotion the night before a major event is a surefire way to failure. And then watching your competitors crush it with a killer strategy they outlined months ago can be soul destroying. Knowing the essential retail dates ahead of […]

Meet our Developer Advocate and Outdoors Fanatic, Phil Reynolds

Written by Chloe Hardman • 24th November 2017

If you’ve ever stumbled across our customer stories page, you’ll know that Veeqo has helped a wide variety of retailers across the globe transform the way they sell online. Behind this super successful software sits 40+ human (and canine) brains, each one as talented and passionate as the next. That’s why we’ll be running a […]

Inventory Management Mistakes

7 Big Inventory Management Mistakes You’re Making (And How To Fix Them)

Written by Duncan La Barre • 22nd November 2017

At Veeqo, we speak to ecommerce retailers all the time. And when we ask them what their biggest challenge is, one thing that comes up time and time again is inventory management mistakes. The struggle is real. The more sales you generate, the more inventory you need. It’s a nice problem to have. But it […]

Amazon Australia

Amazon Australia: 10 Things Every Seller Should Do Now

Written by Dylan Tucker • 20th November 2017

It’s been a long time coming, but after months of speculation Amazon have announced they will be launching in Australia before Christmas – potentially even in time for Black Friday on November 24th. And while Black Friday is not largely recognised in Australia, that could be just one of the things that’s about to change […]

best shopify themes 2018

8 Best Shopify Themes for 2018 (And How to Choose One For Your Store)

Written by Mike Glover • 16th November 2017

A killer Shopify theme can make or break any ecommerce store. Get it right and you’ll see sales go through the roof. While picking a dud could see you land flat on your face. But with so many different themes available, it can be a nightmare finding the perfect one for your Shopify business. Don’t worry […]