7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Amazon Sales


Setting up shop on Amazon is the simple route to start an eCommerce business. Anyone with a tiny bit of Internet savvy and a product to see can do it. Plus, Amazon’s 120 million customers mean you’ll have your own slice of the pie in one of the world’s biggest marketplaces.

There are plenty of great reasons to set up shop on Amazon.

But once you’ve listed your products, what can you do to attract sales? How can you boost your Amazon sales?

1. Write Solid Product Descriptions

Online, your copy is your sales team. The quality of your copy can make or break your business.

Although writing copy is sometimes called a “dark art”, there’s not actually much mystery to it. Your product description should explain what your product does, and how it will benefit the lives of your customers. That’s simple enough, isn’t it? Also, use short words and sentences. You’re not trying to win a literature prize!

2. Complete Your Company Profile

Log in to Amazon’s Seller Central to add your logo and information about your company. This helps in two ways. First, it gets anyone browsing your products on Amazon familiar with your brand. Second, it shows customers you’re not some cowboy outfit, but a credible business they can trust.

3. Ask for Reviews

Talking of trust, reviews on your business profile are the most significant factor in showing customers you’re a company that delivers on your promises.

When you send out your products, why not include a short note asking your customers to leave a review? Also, make sure the level of service you provide is worthy of a positive review.

4. Undercut the Competition

Amazon’s customer base is price sensitive. That’s because the main thing that makes a seller stand out is having the lowest price.

When you’re setting your Amazon price, take into account that what you lose in profit margin, you gain in advertising. To get traffic to your Amazon products, you don’t have to invest in pay-per-click ads.

5. Be Unique

Sell products no other sellers are offering. This is called the blue ocean strategy. Instead of competing in current markets, you create your own market.

When you’re adding a new product, make sure you complete as many product details as possible. This is especially important for search terms, as if customers can’t find your product, they won’t buy it.

Note: To add new product listings to Amazon you must have a Pro Merchant subscription.

6. Get Your Customers Coming Back for More

Amazon provides an ideal “shop front” for your eCommerce business. When a customer has bought from you once on Amazon, you’ve established a relationship with them. Why not include a 10% discount coupon with their order, for their next order from your business?

7. Watch Your Stats

Or as Lord Alan Sugar would say, “Smell What Sells”, and manage your stock accordingly. A well-managed inventory gives you the flexibility to offer the best possible prices while keeping the sales flowing. Focus on high volume and/or high margin products

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