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7 Simple Ways To Build Revenue With Transactional Emails



Email is not dead.

Despite what you may have read, email is alive and well. Who doesn’t want more revenue from their ecommerce channels?! And believe it or not – transactional messages are one powerful tool that can help.


Veeqo’s newest release “7 Simple Ways To Build Revenue With Transactional Emails” is your one-stop guide for building transactional messages that work.


In this guide we’ll show you why email is still a marketing champion. We brought in Ecommerce Consultant Joel Kalinowski to present tips for creating the most effective communications. In this free guide for ecommerce retailers, he’ll cover:

  • Why email is still a marketing champion
  • 7 tips for creating the most effective email communications
  • 5 best-in-class examples from real-world retailers


Download your free copy here


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Written by Lea Haagen

Marketing person at Veeqo. Made in Germany, at home in London. Lover of all things sparkly.

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