How Amazon Repricing Works [Webinar]


All Amazon sellers want to win the Buy Box, which makes it an extremely competitive space.

However, to win the Buy Box, one price is never the right price. The most competitive sellers have fluid prices, helping them to win the Buy Box more often and make more sales. But changing your prices manually is too time-consuming, to do on a competitive level.

That’s where a repricer comes in.

Tune in to our upcoming webinar on “How Amazon Repricing Works” on 19th April at 12pm EST with guest speaker from Appeagle.


I will also be speaking on the benefits of multichannel selling. Looking at webstores, marketplaces and the resurgence of pop-up shops.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The basics of repricing
  • What factors help you win more Buy Box
  • How to use strategic repricing to win the Buy Box
  • The benefits of multichannel selling

We’ll answer any questions you may have about repricing in a Q&A, as well as providing a special offer to participants at the end of the webinar.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Written by Matt Warren

CEO & Founder at Veeqo
CEO and Founder of Veeqo - the inventory and shipping platform for ecommerce, helping online retailers deliver the experience their customers deserve.

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