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New Reports in Veeqo

Introducing: Your Shiny New Sales Report in Veeqo

21st June 2017

We’re thrilled to introduce our brand new Sales Report in Veeqo, providing an unrivalled view of how your ecommerce business is performing.   Can’t wait ’til the end of this post? Click here to try it now.   We listened to feedback from over 500 Veeqo users when building the new report. You told us you want […]

7 New and Exciting Features in Veeqo

12th May 2017

At Veeqo, our team works tirelessly around the clock to make sure you have the best possible platform for managing and growing your ecommerce business. Take a look at just 7 of the new features we’ve rolled out over the past few weeks.   1. Update your product pricing directly in Veeqo You can now use Veeqo […]

New Feature: Update Your Product Pricing Directly In Veeqo

4th April 2017

Great news – you can now use Veeqo to update all of your pricing on Amazon, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and BigCommerce. This means if you want to update the pricing of any listings across any of your sales channels, you can do everything directly in Veeqo. There’s no need to login to anywhere else, and […]

How to increase your retail sales by selling multichannel

25th October 2016

Becoming a successful online retailer isn’t easy, and if you’re not already selling your products multichannel – in other words, on any possible platform where people might be looking to purchase – then you’re limiting the amount of sales your business can generate. Customers want to be able to purchase your product wherever they are, […]

Pinterest eCommerce marketing

How Retailers Use Pinterest to Boost Sales

20th October 2016

Pinterest is a social platform built on collections – or boards – of beautiful, shareable images, providing a bite-sized visual feed for its users. Most retailers know that it’s wise to set up accounts on all the major social networks (that includes Pinterest), but they might not necessarily be utilising them in the best way. […]

Google PLA for Retailers

How Google’s removal of Text Ads affects Retailers

26th September 2016

After much speculation, Google has confirmed that all text ads will be removed from the right hand side of the search engine results page. These will now be replaced with PLAs/Google Shopping ads and this will roll out on all desktop searches. So what is happening to text ads? Google is replicating what you currently […]

Shopify Plus Webinar | The Future of Ecommerce

12th August 2016

Are you ahead of the trends shaping e-Commerce today? Join us this Tuesday as we discuss everything you need to do to stay ahead of trends shaping e-commerce. We will be joined by 2 experts in e-commerce: Arsh Sidhu, Enterprise Commerce Specialist at Shopify Plus Tommy Walker, Editor in Chief at Shopify Plus. They will be discussing the following: […]

Stock take feature announcement

Veeqo | Cycle Stock take feature announcement

22nd June 2016

Announcing Veeqo’s Cycle Stock take feature. Say bye bye to losing money due to missing stock. With cycle stock count you are certain of what stock you physically have at any moment. Benefits of Cycle stock take: Minimal disruption to business Constantly accurate inventory levels Less time consuming than 1 time stock takes What you […]

Veeqo | We’ve Found A New Home

17th April 2016

It’s official! We’ve found a new home and this Wednesday we celebrated its unveiling. Our 15,000 sq ft home will feature shared office space for our friends in Skippr, Bobadeg,, Fish Feed, Bildy & The Booking Factory. Also included is an event room, plus a ground floor cafe open to the general public. Our […]

Veeqo | We’ve acquired ParcelBright

8th April 2016

We are delighted to announce that we have purchased the London based shipping startup ParcelBright. ParcelBright have been successfully providing 5,000+ companies with exclusive discounts from the world’s biggest couriers. They make parcel delivery simple and will help us achieve our goal of making life easier for online sellers. HOW WILL THIS BENEFIT VEEQO USERS? […]