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11 Simple Tweaks to Maximize Your eCommerce Sales (Expert Advice!)

20th January 2014

When you’re making enough ecommerce sales to get by, it can be easy to fall into a groove and forget that you could be doing better. After all, the fact that you run a successful business means you’re already awesome. How about ramping up the volume on your awesome-ness? Get your jive on to move […]

Are You Missing Out On the eCommerce January Sales Rush?

6th January 2014

January sales have been in full swing for a couple of weeks now. Has your eCommerce store made the most of the sales period to drive up your revenue for the winter season? Or have you been too busy recovering with a post-Christmas hangover? However you’ve done in the sales this year, the slow-down period […]

5 Productivity Tips to Help You Reach Your Business Goals

30th December 2013

It’s the time of year when News Year’s resolutions are on the cards. Why not take a few minutes amidst the hectic rush of cleaning up after Christmas and promoting your January Sale to reflect on what you want for your business in the year ahead? Whatever your business goals, being more productive will help […]

4 Charming Christmas eCommerce Infographics We Know You’ll Love

23rd December 2013

Christmas is well and truly upon us, so we’ve decided to keep things light this week. We’ve taken a sleigh ride through cyberspace looking for the best Christmas infographics, especially those with an eCommerce twist. You could say all this stat-packed graphical goodness is our Christmas gift, just for you. Here are our favourites. We […]

How to Write Good Titles for eBay Listings

16th December 2013

When it comes to getting buyers for your eBay listings, titles matter. Writing good titles for eBay products is vital for two reasons. 1. Along with the item picture, the title is the only thing most eBay users will ever see. If it doesn’t entice a click to check out the item, you’ll fail to […]

Young Shoppers: What Your Online Business Needs to Know

9th December 2013

The way consumers shop today would look like something out of a sci-fi movie to people 20 years ago. Back in the early 1990s, who could have imagined that in just two decades we’d be doing our grocery shop on the screens of our mobile phones? New technology has not only changed our shopping habits. […]

How to Manage an eCommerce Inventory

2nd December 2013

Managing your eCommerce inventory is vital to keep the wheels of your business turning smoothly. A badly managed eCommerce inventory can mean you have products in your warehouse that aren’t listed on your website. Or, worse, you have products listed on your website that aren’t available in your warehouse. A well-managed inventory is good for […]

What is an eCommerce Inventory?

25th November 2013

This article for anyone just starting out in eCommerce answers the question: “What is an eCommerce Inventory?” Maybe you’re thinking of starting an online business, and you’re learning your way around all the business jargon. Or maybe you’ve taken the plunge and already started selling stuff. You’re doing well at making money, but playing catch-up […]

Is Black Friday eCommerce a Thing in the UK?

18th November 2013

For retailers and consumers in the USA, Black Friday is the most anticipated shopping day of the year. Retailers put on the best sales they can offer, and consumers stampede the shopping malls searching for bargains. Recent year have seen Black Friday make the move online and enter the world of eCommerce. In 2012 there […]

7 Tips for Writing Better Marketing Emails

11th November 2013

Marketing emails are a must for all eCommerce traders. Sometimes, the technology that’s been around the longest is the best choice. That’s certainly true for email. Despite being an integral part of our culture for over 20 years, email shows no sign of being replaced. Not even Facebook has managed to wean us off our […]