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5 Keys to Make Your Ecommerce Loyalty Programs Drive More Repeat Buyers

1st May 2018

Losing customers hurts – and can wreak havoc on your bottom line. Studies have pegged that: The average cost of a lost customer is $243. And the cost of finding new ones is 7x that of keeping your existing ones. Meaning customer retention is a far more profitable business objective than customer acquisition. One of the […]

When Ecommerce Meets Video Chat: A Love Story in the Making

2nd December 2016

They are unlikely prospects. One deals with a plethora of products for sale at the fancy of intrepid virtual buyers and the other is largely a tool of collaboration between remote workers. What can they possibly have in common? Yet there is a budding romance in the making here. Ecommerce and video chat have found […]

3 Ecommerce Conversion Tricks for the “Want it NOW!” Generation

2nd January 2016

We are all too familiar with the millennial hullabaloo as everyone from Hillary Clinton to Marriot hotel is jumping on the marketing-to-millennials bandwagon. On one hand, we call them unfocused, lazy, self-obsessed, and impulsive, who want everything and want it this very moment, and on the other, we lay out the red carpet for them. […]