Benefits of Royal Mail OBA


Royal Mail OBA

OBA is a service provided by Royal Mail which allows you to manage your Royal Mail account online. With a Royal Mail Online Business Account (OBA), you can manage your Royal Mail account online, process orders more efficiently and securely, and download tailored management reporting. It’s easy to use and lets you take better control of your budget and cashflow. Here are some more ways Royal Mail OBA can benefit you.

Multiple orders

With OBA, you can place multiple products onto the same order. You can also speed up the ordering process by creating templates for future transactions, so you don’t need to make a new template every time you have an order.

Invoicing is easy

With Royal Mail OBA, you can speed up your payment process and view current and paid invoices at the touch of a button. OBA holds 18 months of invoices online, so you’ll never need to re-order copies again, and you have access to a record of your invoices should you need to check them.

More accurate costs

If you manage Direct Mail via mailing houses, Royal Mail OBA will help you cost the mailing element of your campaign more accurately, making it easier to calculate return on investment.

Access control

You can grant access to any of your employees and your mailing agents (e.g. your Mailing House) so they can order on your behalf – how you want, when you want – which makes things so much easier as there’s not as much red-tape to cross when someone other than the account holder needs to make an order.

Identify mailing patterns

Royal Mail OBA has a number of reporting tools you can take advantage of to identify mailing patterns:

  • Overview Reports – for volume and value summaries by account and product.
  • Sales Order Reports – for in-depth flexible reports with full sales order details.
  • Trend Analysis Reports – for additional information on contingency orders raised.
  • Invoice Reports – for sales order and service information for billing dates.
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