The 22 Best Shopify Tools to Optimize your Ecommerce Business in 2020

  • Written by Anwen Williams
The 22 Best Shopify Tools to Optimize your Ecommerce Business in 2020

Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms out there. Its user-friendly interface, cost effective pricing and easy to install apps makes it home to over 800,000 ecommerce stores. Veeqo has you covered for Shopify inventory management and Shopify shipping software. But with one of the best marketplaces out there, Shopify offers over 1,200 apps to help grow your ecommerce business in other ways - free and paid. So whether you want to add extra functionality to your store, improve your email marketing, gain in-depth analytics or play around with design - Shopify has an app for you. To save you sifting through the extensive app lists, we’ve compiled a list of the best apps out there - split into five essential categories:

  1. Email Marketing

  2. Store and Design

  3. Customer Support

  4. Loyalty and Rewards

  5. Sales and Conversion

1) Email Marketing

Constant Contact

Segmented contact lists, email tracking, list-building tools, automated emailsCost: Month long free trial, pro from £15/month Constant Contact is one of the biggest, fastest growing email marketing companies out there. They provide mobile-optimised templates, a drag-and-drop editor to customize your emails and expert guidance and live support. Also includes comprehensive tracking and analytics.

Omnisend by Omnisend

Email marketing automation, SMS, Facebook and Google retargetingShopify store rating: 4.9/5 (from 2,462) Cost: Free to install, pro from $10/month Omnisend provides pre-built workflows to overcome cart abandonment, send order confirmations and cross sell products. Includes ability to retarget with Facebook custom audiences and Google customer match. Newly features the ability to add SMS messages into your workflows.

Optinmate by Serious Venture

Popups, email collection, social popups, behaviour trackingShopify store rating: 4.9/5 (from 205) Cost: Free plan available, pro: $14.99/month. 7-day free trial Create popups, slide-ins and sticky bars designed to capture email details, grab customers attention and increase conversion. Optinmate tracks the visitors behaviour and prompts messages before they leave the site. Tracks impressions, conversion and conversion rate of each campaign.

Happy Birthday Email Discounts by Union Works Apps

Loyalty rewards, customisable campaignsShopify store rating: 5/5 (from 72) Cost: From $10/month. 7-day free trial One of the best ways to retain customers is to show them they’re appreciated - and this app is a great way to do so. Send customers a unique birthday message containing a single use discount code to your store. Customise colours, logos, email message and subject line for a personal touch.

Abandonment Protector by Chilliapps

Email marketing automation, pop ups, exit intentShopify store rating: 4.9/5 (from 215) Cost: $10/month. 30-day free trial This app aims to reduce abandoned carts by creating targeted popups to prevent exit intent and allows you to create email sequences designed to direct lost customers back to your store.

2) Store and Design

Growave by Growave

Photo reviews, wishlist, Instagram, loyaltyShopify store rating: 5/5 (from 914) Cost: Free plan available, pro from $59/month An all-in-one app that includes photo reviews, wish lists, instagram, loyalty and more. The app is focused on driving social share and new traffic to your site.

Privy by Privy

Email popups, exit intent, reduce cart abandonment, list growthShopify store rating: 4.7/5 (from 18,552) Cost: Free plan available, pro from $24/month Privy offers easy to design popups, flyouts, banners, bars and landing pages. The app includes advanced targeting, real-time conversion centric reporting and target audience segments. Also allows you to create coupons and discounts.

PushOwl by PushOwl

Web push notifications, reviews, wishlistShopify store rating: 5/5 (from 1,674) Cost: Free plan available, pro from $19/month PushOwl uses push notifications to re-engage visitors with your store, similar to a cheaper alternative of retargeting. Your customers can receive abandoned cart reminders, back in stock notifications, review notifications and shipping notifications directly to their smartphone, tablet or desktop. Advanced features include the ability to send product images in notifications, and the syncing of customers already in your database.

Infinite Options by ShopPad

Customisable product optionsShopify store rating: 4.9/5 (from 2,083) Cost: Free If your items are customisable, this is the perfect tool to let your customers select options. Create an unlimited amount of custom options like text, numbers, dropdowns, calendars and checkboxes, and allow personalisation for engraving, monoprogramming, custom printing and more.

Shogun Page Builder by Shogun Labs, Inc.

Page builder, page templates, product pagesShopify store rating: 4.9/5 (fom 1,300) Cost: from $19/month. 10-day free trial Use this simple drag and drop page builder to customize your store. Create landing page, blog pages, product pages, collection pages and home pages - or choose from a collection of ready made templates. No need to download a ton of apps alongside this either, the element library includes social sharing buttons, images, maps, countdowns, add to cart buttons and HTML.

3) Customer Support

Gorgias Customer Service by Gorgias

Customer support and live chat helpdeskShopify store rating: 4.8/5 (from 186) Cost: From $60/month. 7-day free trial Gorgias allows you to manage all of your customer support requests in one place - social media, live chat, phone and email. Respond to customers using templates, automated responses and customisable rules.

Tidio Live Chat by Tidio Ltd

Live chat, bots, marketing automationShopify store rating: 4.8/5 (from 686) Cost: Free plan available, pro from $15/month Chatbots made a feature in our 2020 ecommerce trends predictions, so getting a solid live chat  in place is crucial for 2020. Tidio allows you to gather all of your messages in a single platform - live chat messages, emails and communications from Facebook messenger. Set up bots to answer questions when you’re away, and check who’s on your site in real-time.

Octane AI Messenger Marketing by Octane AI

Marketing automation with Facebook messenger, chatbot analyticsShopify store rating: 4.8/5 (from 26) Cost: From $9/month. 30-day free trial A great app if you’re using Facebook to communicate with your customers. Octane AI Messenger Marketing allows you to send custom messages to your customers via Facebook. Send messages when a cart is abandoned, when an order is completed or when an item is shipped. The messenger will automate your chat replies, answering common questions for you while you’re away.

Easy Slide by Nexus Media

Accordion tabs, tabs managementShopify store rating: 5/5 (from 125) Cost: From $5/month. 7-day free trial Make visitors experience better by using Easy Slide to create drops downs and slides on product pages and FAQ pages, making scrolling through 10,000 word pages a thing of the past.

4) Loyalty and Rewards

Referral Candy by Referral Candy

Referral program, performance tracking, customer rewardsShopify store rating: 4.8/5 Cost: $49/month. 30-day free trial A referral program that’s fully customisable to your brand. Includes tracking capabilities to track the performance of your referral program and provides an overview of sales and shares. Reward with cash, coupons or gifts and ReferralCandy will fulfil for you.

Loyalty Lion Rewards and Referral by Loyalty Lion

Points-led referral, rewards, POS support, reward subscription paymentsShopify store rating: 4.6/5 (from 224) Cost: Free plan available, pro from $159/month One of the best apps available for constructing loyalty schemes. Allows you to reward customers for signups, purchases, birthdays, social likes, social referrals and more. And, customise the program to match your branding.

Rewards and Referrals by Swell

Loyalty, rewards, email capture, influencersShopify store rating: 4.8/5 (from 2040) Cost: Free plan available, pro from $29/month Swell claim to drive 9x ROI on average with their loyalty and referral program. Use Swell to encourage and reward customers with a variety of flexible campaigns.

sale5) Sales and Conversion

Traffic Booster by StoreYa

Google ads automation  Cost: From $120/month Traffic Booster uses unique algorithms to set up and optimize Google Ads for you. The AI technology is designed to drive the most relevant customers to your most relevant pages. Start with any budget from $120, and extend at any time. You can also view a reports dashboard to reflect the visitors, leads and sales driven to your site.

Sales Pop by Beeketing

Sales notifications for social proofCost: Free This app syncs with your orders to turn recent orders into notifications on your store. Notifications include recently bought, completed checkouts and products bought together.

Exit intent popups by Optimonk

Exit intent popups, messenger and email popupsShopify store rating: 4.8/5 (from 131) Cost: From $29/month. 14-day free trial OptiMonk is powerful on-site message toolkit that helps you to grab your visitor’s attention by displaying a targeted offer. OptiMonk monitors the behavior of every single visitor and triggers your on-site message exactly when they take a specific action. It provides you a powerful and simple way to convert more visitors to buyers and subscribers.

Consistent Cart by Cart Kit

Popups, push notifications, Facebook Messenger marketing, activity monitorShopify store rating: 4.8/5 (from 2,816) Cost: Free plan available, pro from $29/month. 14-day free trial A smart alternative to retargeting, consistent cart includes add to cart popups, Facebook Messenger marketing, activity monitoring, thank you emails and an advanced title bar.

Smart Search and Instant Search by Searchanise

Filters, smart search, upselling, cross sellingShopify store rating: 4.9/5 (from 591) Cost: Free plan available, pro from $9/month. 14-day free trial A smart search with filters to increase conversion. This app includes personalised CDN search with instant suggestions, autocorrection and stopwords. You can also build search results pages, allowing customers to navigate through collections that include filters, quickview, add to cart option and reviews.

Segmentify Insights by Segmentify

Insights, customer and product segments.  Cost: Free Would you like get most from each of your customers? Segmentify Insights will be analysing your customers, segment them in daily basis and will provide you in-depth information with advanced metrics. At the end you will be ensuring your customers loyalty, increasing the average order value of your shop, giving a boost for indecisive customers, regaining lost customers or succeeding to keep the ones at risk. Don’t depend on chance, depend on data, make data-driven decisions for your campaigns.

Cross Sell by Cross Sell

Product recommendations, cross sell popups, inventory syncingShopify store rating: 4.9 (from 788) Cost: $19.99/month. 10-day free trial Cross Sell hand picks relative products to display alongside your products in your store. The app encourages users to add more items to their cart and  increase their average order value. So there are our top apps for 2020! Let us know what your favourite apps are, or comment below if you think we’re missing any.

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