Best Solutions for Shopify, Amazon and eBay Integration

Best Solutions for Shopify, Amazon and eBay Integration


We’ve compiled a list of the best solutions for your Shopify Amazon Integration. Here they are.

Login with Amazon

Reduce registration friction between your Amazon, eBay  and Shopify stores with this easy integration. Login with Amazon is a service that enables the over 200 million active Amazon customers to safely and easily login to websites. Login with Amazon allows store owners to easily reduce sign-in friction for their customers, leading to higher engagement and order conversion with its easy Shopify Amazon integration 


This order and inventory management tools allows you to print shipping labels for Royal Mail, USPS, UK Mail, DPD, DHL, FedEx and MyHermes.  Veeqo sync’s your inventory in real time with Shopify Amazon, eBay and automatically sync’s your sales with Xero or quickbooks. You can manage all of your orders from one place, and Veeqo will make sure that your stock levels are up to date between Shopify, eBay and Amazon. No more overselling! 

Quickbooks & Xero integration (Zapstitch)

If you manually enter data between your Shopify store and your accounting software and often find yourself running into errors then Zapstitch’s Xero/Quickbooks tool might be the solution. With Zapstitch, you can auto-import sales orders to your accounting software (QuickBooks Online or Xero); automate your Sales Tax Reporting; and keep your products and inventory in sync e.g sync products inventory between QuickBooks Online and Shopify according to your business needs – you can auto-schedule your syncs (Daily, Hourly intervals) and thus have the consistent and up-to-date information your accounting software. 


This solution to your Shopify Amazon integration allows you to prepare and file sales tax returns in minutes, automate sales tax reports by state and local tax jurisdiction, keep a payment history for tax time and audits, and show you sales and sales tax collected not only for each state you’re collecting in, but for local jurisdiction (counties, cities, special jurisdictions, etc). You can also sort data by any date range you need. The app is currently only for US customers, but a good alternative is Tax Receipts. With Tax Receipts, you can automate sending tax receipts to your customers, and choose which products receive tax receipts. The tool also listens for new orders on your shop and if one of the orders contains a product which you’ve setup to receive a tax receipt then Tax Receipts will deal with it. Your customers will receive a second email (in addition to their order receipt from Shopify) containing a tax receipt for their donation.

This Amazon Shopify solution makes it easy for you to drive new revenue through targeted and retargeted product advertising. It provides insights that create an understanding into the people who buy your products, so you can set your budget, see the insights and then publish the ads. The integrated app syncs with your Shopify store to retrieve insights into your products and drive conversions with targeted adverts for your products across social media and the web. makes it simple for you to create adverts, with no coding or design experience needed. There’s also a conversion tracking tool. 


Automatically reprice your products in real-time, and monitor and adjust to your competition to increase sales and profitability with this Shopify Amazon integration tool. Dynamic Pricing Engine allows online retailers to monitor products’ pricing, compare to competitors, and compete wisely by repricing products in real-time. Monitor and manage multiple online stores with easy store synchronisation, and upload products easily with this handy tool.

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