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Inventory shrinkage strategies

Inventory Shrinkage: 8 Must-Know Strategies to Protect Your Stock

Written by Mike Glover • 2nd April 2020

Inventory shrinkage could be slowly eating away at your profits without you even realising. And you have to get a handle on this before it costs your business big money. But before you can take action against inventory shrinkage, you need to know what it is and how you can avoid it. So, let’s start […]

Coronavirus warehouse tips

5 Ways to Limit Coronavirus Spread in Your Ecommerce Warehouse

Written by Matt Warren • 24th March 2020

The UK is in lockdown and non-essential retail stores now closed. But ecommerce companies can stay open and UK shipping carriers will keep on delivering. The BBC reports that the UK government is advising that “businesses will still be able to take online orders and deliver items to people’s homes”. Through Veeqo, we’ve seen online […]

Amazon FBA alternatives

Top 3 Amazon FBA Alternatives For Ecommerce Retailers

Written by Mike Glover • 20th March 2020

COVID-19 is causing unprecedented chaos all around the world. And Amazon’s FBA service is not immune. The retail giant recently suspended all “non-essential” deliveries to its warehouses in order to prioritise medical supplies and household staples. But this has effectively caused a plethora of third-party sellers to temporarily cease trading until either: Amazon lifts its […]

How to keep track of inventory

How to Keep Track of Inventory in Your Ecommerce Business

Written by Mike Glover • 13th January 2020

Inventory tracking may be a dull subject. But messing it up can have catastrophic results for an ecommerce business. Get it wrong, and you run the risk of: Running out of goods without realising. Becoming inundated in a never ending stream of backorders. Delivering a poor customer experience through delays and disappointment. So, good inventory […]

Warehouse WiFi Solutions

Warehouse WiFi Solutions: How to Get a Fast, Reliable Wireless Network in Your Warehouse

Written by Mike Glover • 9th October 2019

Getting WiFi in your warehouse sounds pretty simple, right? Source a provider, install a router, and off you go – just like at home… But the reality is it’s nowhere near that easy. How do you fill such a large space with signal? Avoid black spots? Get enough bandwidth for your team to actually use […]

Taking a physical count of inventory

10 Solid Tips For Taking A Physical Count of Inventory in Your Warehouse

Written by Mike Glover • 2nd October 2019

Taking a physical count of inventory is a task met with dread by most retailers. Closing stores. Pausing warehouses. Paper inventory lists. Endless counting, re-counting and correcting. It can be a total nightmare. But it’s a necessary nightmare for good inventory management. And one that can be made a lot easier when accompanied with proper: […]

Demand Forecasting

Demand Forecasting: Systems, Methods & Tools to Calculate Your Exact Inventory Needs

Written by Mike Glover • 30th August 2019

Fail to forecast accurately, and you’re failing your customers. Underestimate demand and you’ll be inundated with stockouts and overselling. Overestimate and you’ve just wasted cash on unnecessary inventory. But how do you carry out demand forecasting without simply… guessing? Answer: Sales data combined with models and systems. And that’s exactly what this post is about. […]

How to choose Magento hosting

How to Choose the Best Magento Hosting Solution For Your Ecommerce Store

Written by Umair Qureshi • 30th July 2019

A page load delay of just three seconds can cost you a valuable potential customer. According to Nielsen, people only spend 10 seconds on a store to see if anything of value is available. They leave it as soon as they lose interest. Crucial time that’s used up simply causing frustration to browsers if your […]

Is quickbooks good for inventory management?

Is QuickBooks Good for Inventory Management?

Written by Mike Glover • 26th June 2019

QuickBooks is a phenomenal piece of software for businesses to keep track of their accounts. Something well backed up by their 2.55 million worldwide subscriber rate and domination of over 80% of US market share. But is QuickBooks good for inventory management? The short answer is no, especially when it comes to ecommerce retailers selling […]

order management process

Order Management: How to Set Your Fulfilment Process to Maximum Efficiency

Written by Mike Glover • 18th June 2019

Your order management process could be costing you repeat sales. Think about it… a payment error, missed order or delivery issue will leave a sour taste in a customer’s mouth. A taste you know they’ll not want to come back to. In fact: It’s reported that 65% of customers have cut ties with a brand […]