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Warehouse Management KPIs

7 Essential Warehouse Management KPIs to Set Your Operations Manager

Written by • 27th September 2017

Managing a warehouse can be a challenging assignment. Receiving stock, updating inventory, picking, packing, shipping and a million other tasks in between need taking care of. And it all culminates in the critical point of making sure customers receive their orders on time and in one piece. Related Articles: Inventory Management: A Complete Guide for […]

12 Smart Inventory Reduction Strategies to Clear Out Excess Stock

12 Smart Inventory Reduction Strategies to Clear Out Excess Stock

Written by • 18th September 2017

Having excess stock can be very costly for ecommerce retailers. Not only does it take up space in the warehouse, but attempting to get it sold can also divert attention from other vital areas. That’s why having solid and smart inventory reduction strategies in place can be invaluable. Related Articles: Inventory Management: A Complete Guide […]

Overcoming the 4 Biggest Challenges in Ecommerce Warehouse Operations

Written by • 4th September 2017

Running high performing ecommerce warehouse operations can be tricky. And if it’s not done right, it can result in time, money and customer satisfaction going down the drain. Sure, it’s tempting to put your focus on the next big marketing strategy. Or opening up another sales channel. Or coming up with master tweaks to win the […]

The Definitive Guide to Order Picking & Packing

New Ebook [Free Chapter]: The Definitive Guide to Order Picking and Packing

Written by • 14th August 2017

We’re really pleased to announce the release of our latest ebook: The Definitive Guide to Order Picking and Packing. Written by our Founder and CEO Matt, a very successful online retailer himself before starting Veeqo, this guide is full of insider tips and easily-actionable, hands-on advice. This is what makes this the only guide on […]

11 Tips to get eCommerce Holiday Delivery Right

Written by • 3rd November 2016

The Holiday season is – without a doubt – the busiest time for retailers, and making sure you’ve got a best-in-class delivery strategy can make the difference between missing your sales targets and totally blowing them out of the water! After Thanksgiving Day on November 24th there’s Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and […]

The Easiest Way To Print Shipping Labels In Veeqo

Written by • 21st September 2016

If you’re anything like me, printing shipping labels is the reason you get out of bed in the morning. In which case, you’ll be really excited to know that you can now quickly and easily print Interlink, DHL, DPD and DX shipping labels on a 6×4 sticker from your thermal printer, directly in Veeqo! This […]

Stock take feature announcement

18 clever ways to clear out old stock

Written by • 27th May 2016

Having stock piled up in a warehouse, garage or house is not only a hinderance on you spatially, but also financially. Not being able to shift an item that’s been rotting away in the corner can be majorly frustrating. A lot of retailers find themselves devoting so much time on shifting these goods, that they […]

KPIs for Ecommerce

10 KPIs for Ecommerce Business Owners

Written by • 20th May 2016

Running an e-commerce business can be a very stressful experience. Juggling multiple sales channels, product sourcing, supplier issues, marketing and customer enquiries is a time consuming process. Therefore finding time to sit back and see the bigger picture can be difficult. However, regularly setting and analysing your key performance indicators is essential when considering the […]

woocommerce to shopify

How to migrate from WooCommerce to Shopify

Written by • 21st April 2016

So you’ve decided to move your e-commerce business from WooCommerce to Shopify? Good choice! Shopify is not only a great solution for small to medium retailers, but it has the capabilities to grow alongside your business. It can be a very complicated process when transferring your whole business between platforms. I’ve broken this guide into […]