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Matt Warren on the eCommerce MasterPlan podcast

Listen to Veeqo Founder and CEO Matt Warren on the eCommerce MasterPlan podcast

Written by Duncan La Barre • 23rd January 2017

Veeqo Founder and CEO Matt Warren appears on the latest edition of the eCommerce MasterPlan podcast. In the podcast, Matt first talks about his background as a retailer – starting out selling watches online, through to scaling his business to a multi-million pound ecommerce business, and a destination for watch enthusiasts to find out more […]

Why I really started Veeqo

Written by Matt Warren • 3rd September 2015

From being fired as an IT technician, selling £60 million worth of watches online, losing a multi million pound court case, to setting up the fastest growing tech company in Europe. CEO Matt Warren tells us why he started Veeqo and what he learnt along the way. Thirteen years ago, I became an accidental retailer. […]

14 WooCommerce experts reveal the secrets to selling more

Written by Richard Protheroe • 26th August 2015

When it comes to ecommerce solutions there are none more popular than WooCommerce. The plugin for WordPress has amassed nearly 10 million downloads and powers over 30% of all online stores. We gathered 9 WooCommerce users who have achieved tremendous success with their stores, to share their secrets to success. Our selected users have been featured on […]

Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping

Written by Matt Warren • 25th August 2015

Put simply, dropshipping is when a supplier is willing to fulfil orders if you handle the ecommerce, marketing and customer service side of business. This allows you to buy products from them individually and ship them to your customer. This means you don’t have to invest in a large amount of inventory; instead, you receive […]

The Basics of Magento SEO

Written by Matt Warren • 15th August 2015

Magento is a great platform for e-commerce websites and it’s reasonably well set-up for optimisation out of the box too. However, if you’re new to Magento the layout of its menu system – especially that of the configuration section where most of our changes will take place – can be initially quite confusing! In this […]

What Amazon Sellers are doing to increase sales

Written by Richard Protheroe • 31st July 2015

Amazon is a huge marketplace which offers all its sellers – big and small, pro and novice – the opportunity to reach millions of potential customers. Of course this means it’s a valuable shop window with a massive amount of traffic, but selling can be a challenge. Aaron Schlesinger is an Amazon seller. Aaron and his […]

selling on ebay

What eBay sellers are doing to sell more

Written by Richard Protheroe • 28th July 2015

  If you’re an eBay seller the numbers are very impressive. There are more than 250+ million searches every day and in 2014 the platform reached $1 billion in sales. eBay is a great platform for people looking to enter the world of online selling, due to it’s user friendly interface and reputation for been […]

shopify vs woocommerce

Shopify Vs WooCommerce

Written by Jodie Pride • 9th July 2015

Choosing an online sales channel can be a difficult task, especially when there are so many options available. This can be confusing, especially for a newbie retailer who isn’t sure what features they want from their ecommerce store, so here’s a quick comparison of two of the major players in the ecommerce game: Shopify vs WooCommerce.

How to sell online: 18 Shopify store owners share their secrets

Written by Richard Protheroe • 8th July 2015

Are you looking to increase sales through your Shopify store or just looking at how to start an online store? If so, we’ve rounded up 18 Shopify store owners to share some of their secrets to success. We simply asked them  ‘What is the best advice you have for people looking to start an ecommerce […]