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How to Compete Effectively in Ecommerce with an Automated Pricing Strategy

Written by Burc Tanir • 8th March 2017

Does it sound familiar? Going to a store, finding something to buy, comparing it with other alternatives and finally starting to feel an irresistible desire of owning it? The final step is checking the price tag to see how much the item costs – then it’s decision time. If there is no deal or bargain, […]

Veeqo and STREAM

Veeqo partners with delivery and transport management app STREAM

Written by Lea Haagen • 16th December 2016

We are excited to announce that we have formed a partnership with cloud-based delivery and transport management solution STREAM. STREAM is developed by Leeds-based Proximity and is designed for companies with complex and challenging delivery requirements. At Veeqo, our goal is to help retailers grow their business by providing online retailers with a powerful, all-in-one […]

How Veeqo Helps Ecommerce Retailers Increase Their Sales And Grow Their Business

Written by Duncan La Barre • 6th December 2016

Veeqo is powering the biggest shift in retail history. Our mission is to help retailers all over the world grow their ecommerce business and increase their sales by selling successfully on multiple channels. Ecommerce is undoubtedly the future of retail. In fact, figures on Black Friday sales performance in 2015 revealed that online sales overtook in-store for the […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Processing Orders on Amazon & eBay

Written by Jodie Pride • 24th April 2015

Let’s face it: making mistakes can be easier than we’d like to admit when selling on Amazon and eBay. Order processing can be time consuming and lengthy, so it’s easy to slip up now and then, but we don’t want that (and neither do our customers), so here’s a few of the most common mistakes […]

Order management software

Order Management Comparison: Veeqo Vs. ChannelGrabber

Written by Jodie Pride • 16th April 2015

It can be stressful and difficult to choose an multichannel inventory management software, especially if you’re not 100% certain what you’re looking for. It’s daunting looking at all the different options, so we’re putting together a comparison guide for inventory management software to make it a little easier and to help you choose.

Inventory Management Comparison: Veeqo Vs. Linnworks

Written by Jodie Pride • 10th April 2015

Choosing a multichannel inventory management software can be a stressful and difficult decision, especially if you’re not 100% sure what you’re looking for. Here’s a comparison guide between two common inventory management software choices – Veeqo & Linnworks – to help you choose. Veeqo  Veeqo is an all-in-one cloud-based order and inventory management solution that syncs inventory […]

WooCommerce eBay Integration

WooCommerce Plugins Every Retailer Needs

Written by Jodie Pride •

WooCommerce has a vast array of helpful plugins available to assist you in everything from increasing traffic, organising your inventory and viewing reports and analytics.  so to make it easier to choose, we’ve come up with a list of essential WooCommerce plugins every retailer needs.

Order management software

Why Ecommerce Retailers Need Order Management Software

Written by Jodie Pride • 8th March 2015

As an Ecommerce retailer, you’ll understand that maintaining a well organised inventory and staying on top of dozens of orders (or more) a day can become challenging and frustrating. But having an organised system of inventory and order management can make things run so much more smoothly. More and more ecommerce retailers are investing in […]

Order Management Software

Order Management Software – Top Features Yours Should Have

Written by Matt Warren • 10th February 2015

Aside from managing all of your orders in one system, an order management solution should be packed with useful and innovative features so that you’re getting your money’s worth – why have three different systems when you can have one that does it all? Inventory Management A good order management system should have inventory management functionality that’s […]