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How Does Social Media Drive Ecommerce Sales on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter?

Written by Richard Protheroe • 29th August 2017

Recently I seem to be having the same conversation with my friends. When discussing one of their recent online purchases, I will always ask them “How did you hear about that company?”. Invariably the reply will be “I heard about them on social media”. My friends are mostly categorised as being ‘millennials’. A segment of […]

How to Turn your Customer Reviews into Ecommerce Sales

How to Turn your Customer Reviews into Ecommerce Sales

Written by Lea Haagen • 26th June 2017

Positive reviews can do a lot to improve the perception people have of your ecommerce store and brand as a whole. But how do you encourage them and turn them into solid sales? Word of mouth is the best form of advertising you can get – it’s been true for decades, but in this digital […]

How to Turn Customers Into Brand Ambassadors

Written by Oscar Waterworth • 11th January 2017

They are engaged, they love everything about your brand, they are loyal, and they proactively generate word-of-mouth recommendations. Brand ambassadors are one of the most important links in building a good reputation and trustworthiness on the market, as well as strong bonds with your target audience. If you not only satisfy your customers but exceed […]

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How Retailers Use Pinterest to Boost Sales

Written by Matt Warren • 20th October 2016

Pinterest is a social platform built on collections – or boards – of beautiful, shareable images, providing a bite-sized visual feed for its users. Most retailers know that it’s wise to set up accounts on all the major social networks (that includes Pinterest), but they might not necessarily be utilising them in the best way. […]

How Whatsapp Can Help Your Ecommerce Business

Written by Guest Contributor • 29th July 2015

In today’s highly competitive market of E-commerce Business, each and every company needs to keep ahead of the crowd to gain and maintain their lead in the market. Innovation is the key here.

The Relationship Between Ecommerce and Social Media

Written by Guest Contributor • 23rd July 2015

This is a guest post by Chelsea Coronin of Secure Thoughts. How Important is Social Media to commerce? It’s impossible to deny the rise of online shopping over the years. The internet has become a huge platform for exchanging merchandise, and while many companies both large and small have adjusted fairly well to the need […]

How to Market Your Ecommerce Store on Pinterest

Written by Jodie Pride • 8th April 2015

If you haven’t already heard of it, Pinterest is a social media site with a focus on images and videos arranged in a bulletin board style layout, and it has become one of the largest social networks. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, which rely on content from a network of friends and followers, Pinterest is made […]

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How to Market Your Ecommerce Store on Instagram

Written by Jodie Pride • 7th April 2015

Instagram is a veritable treasure trove of potential customers, so it’s no wonder why retail brands are flocking to the picture sharing site to market their goods. With millions of users, young and old (but mostly young), and a billion photos “liked” every day, you’d be mad not to take advantage of Instagram’s marketing potential. […]

Social Media PR Disasters and The Lessons We’ve Learnt From Them

Written by Jodie Pride • 1st August 2014

Social media sites have recently become more widely used as tools for PR and customer service. Almost every big, well-known brand you’ve heard of is on Twitter and Facebook, and some of them have expanded their social media strategies to other sites like Pinterest and LinkedIn. But the thing with social media is that it’s […]

Beyond Facebook and Twitter: A Breakdown of Social Sharing Websites

Written by Jodie Pride • 14th July 2014

We all know of and use Facebook and Twitter for our businesses. Some of us get a little more adventurous and experiment with Pinterest and Google+, even if we don’t necessarily know how to use them effectively (admit it: the buttons look cool on our websites and make us feel important). In this post we’re […]