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March 2020 Product Update: What’s New in Veeqo Over the Past Month?

Written by Jade Gould • 25th March 2020

Our inventory and shipping features are currently going through their largest ever change. And last month, we made big progress on Veeqo’s order, product and shipping screens. But that’s not all: our DHL integration and Android app have had an upgrade too! So let’s take a look at what’s been happening in Veeqo over the […]

February 2020 Product Update: What’s New in Veeqo Over the Past Month?

Written by Jade Gould • 10th February 2020

The product team at Veeqo really hit the ground running in January. With 2020 looking to be our most ambitious year yet, we spent the last month ramping up our biggest features and improvements being released later on in the year. But that’s not all we worked on… Each month we are continuously releasing new […]

All the Ways We Made Veeqo Even Better in 2019 (And What’s Coming in 2020)

Written by Jade Gould • 23rd January 2020

What a year it’s been here at Veeqo. We’ve rapidly scaled and improved the Veeqo product after securing a £3.3 million growth investment back in March. Meaning 2019 was a huge opportunity for us to take our software to the next level. The result? Hundreds of updates, new features, BETA releases and bug fixes. So […]

New in Veeqo 2019

493 Ways We’ve Improved Veeqo So Far in 2019 (PLUS What’s Still to Come…)

Written by Matt Warren • 28th August 2019

It’s been a busy six months for the product team at Veeqo. We secured a £3.3 million growth investment from Octopus Investments in March this year. And it meant we were able to rapidly scale the core Veeqo platform – packing in a broad range of new features and functionality for retailers using our software. […]

Introducing Veeqo Returns: Bringing Enterprise-Level Returns to Retailers of All Sizes

Written by Marc Girdlestone • 15th April 2019

You need to make returns work to be a success in today’s ecommerce world. And it’s not just about having a nice looking policy. Consumers want to: Try out different sizes and variations of your products. Have control of their own return labels. Send back what they don’t like. Return via a range of different […]

Matt Warren Veeqo CEO Octopus Header

We Just Raised £3.3m From Octopus to Scale Veeqo Higher, Further, Faster

Written by Matt Warren • 20th March 2019

Today I’m incredibly excited to announce that Veeqo has secured a £3.3 million growth investment from Octopus Investments. Octopus are one of the most well-regarded investment firms in London. So it’s amazing to have them on board propelling Veeqo’s growth along with our existing investors Dan McPherson, New Look founder, Tom Singh, and equity crowdfunding […]

250 Ways We Improved Veeqo in 2018 (PLUS New Features Coming Very Soon…)

Written by Marc Girdlestone • 19th December 2018

I remember sitting with our Product team back in January and working on our roadmap of new features for the coming year. Our plans were intentionally ambitious and while we didn’t achieve everything we (and you) wanted to over the past 12 months – we still got a lot done. The results? Added functionality like […]

Say Hello to the Brand New Veeqo Alexa Skill for Amazon Echo

Written by Marc Girdlestone • 2nd October 2018

Innovation is at the core of everything we do at Veeqo. We’re all about forward thinking. And every single member of our team fits that bill. So nobody was surprised when one of our engineers, Calvin, decided to build a brand new Veeqo Alexa Skill in his spare time. Meaning Veeqo Retailers can now check […]

Ship with myHermes

New: Ship Any UK Order with myHermes Straightaway in Veeqo

Written by Jimmy Kwok • 1st October 2018

We’ve just unlocked a new feature in Veeqo where UK retailers can instantly ship orders with myHermes, without even needing a myHermes shipping account. There’s nothing to set up, and no need to top-up any shipping credit. Just click, and ship. To get going, simply add myHermes as a shipping courier in your settings, and […]

New: Sync Your Wholesale B2B Operation & Loyalty Discount Orders Directly to Veeqo

Written by Mike Glover • 14th August 2018

Balancing the retail and wholesale sides of your business is now easier than ever. Gone are the days of sifting through emails to deal with wholesale requests. Then having to manually invoice and process orders totally separate from your retail operation. Because you can now offer customers bespoke pricing and discounts for any of your […]