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Climbing the Stairway to Success: Veeqo Moves


Creating a business is a little like raising a child: you create it, nurture it, watch it take its first footsteps and continue to grow, moving on from the confines of your home, perhaps to a shared space and then, eventually, to a place of its own.

Well, we’re proud to announce that Veeqo has now graduated to a much larger office! No more sharing a space with the our friends from the other start-ups on the 2nd floor at TechHub, Veeqo has moved on to bigger and better things…er, by which we mean upstairs, to the 4th floor of TechHub.

While it’s not exactly a great migration, this certainly is brilliant news and exciting stuff for all of us here at Veeqo, showing that our business is indeed growing, and at a fast pace. We can’t wait to give you the grand tour, a glance inside a young and bustling urban workplace…

The Before Shot

Here’s the office as a virtually empty shell before we put our creativity to use and turned it into the vibrant workspace it is today.


This is our chillout area – or “Breakout Space”, as we like to call it – which is not complete without a blackboard wall for scribbling down bright ideas which suddenly occur (and for doodling, of course!). Beanbags and a TV allow our constantly ticking brains to relax for a few minutes before they’re busy working again.

Where the magic happens

The Meeting Place is our brainstorming are, a whirlpool of creativity with a constant flow of ideas ready to be honed and worked on.

Sweet Things

Sweets and other fun stuff to boost morale and increase our productivity (bonbons are the current favourite).

Colour Coordination 

The colour scheme of the office mirrors those used in our logo and branding.

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