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Finding the perfect accountant for your small business


Guest post by Ashley Driver, Education Specialist at Xero

Choosing an accountant is like choosing a new business partner. The right accountant will become a trusted colleague you can depend on, who offers advice and guidance as your small business grows. To help SME’s and entrepreneurs find the perfect match, Xero are launching their new advisor directory that helps you find industry specific accountants in your area.

How to choose the right accountant for you…

Once you’ve decided it’s time to hire an accountant, the next step is to choose which accountant to hire. It’s important to take the time to do this carefully, and there are a few things you’ll want to consider first.

Here are some top tips from Xero on how to find the perfect match:

1. Ask yourself if location matters: It used to be important to have your company’s accountant located nearby. But today, more companies are collaborating online, using cloud-based technology to manage their business. This means that location is less of an issue. With cloud accounting, you and your accountant can view identical real-time data at the same time – no matter where you are.

2. Choose a certified or chartered accountant: In many countries, accountants are regulated by professional bodies which look after accounting qualifications and try to maintain high professional standards. Depending on the country you’re in, professional accountants may be called Certified Public Accountants or Chartered Accountants. Chartered Accountants (CAs) are highly qualified professionals who have completed degree-level study along with workplace experience and a professional competence programme.

3. Look for an accountant with relevant experience – You’ll need someone with experience preparing tax returns and financial documents for companies of a similar size and revenue to yours. If your company uses cloud-based software for much of its business, you’ll probably want someone who is savvy with cloud computing.

4. Look for someone who’s proactive about saving you money: Some accountants will do little more than manage your accounts and complete your tax return forms, but the best accountants are more proactive. So before choosing an accountant, ask what they could suggest to save your business money.

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Click here to read more about Xero’s new Advisory Directory and see how they can help you find an accountant for your small business.

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Written by Ashley Driver

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