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New Ebook [Free Chapter]: The Definitive Guide to Order Picking and Packing


We’re really pleased to announce the release of our latest ebook: The Definitive Guide to Order Picking and Packing. Written by our Founder and CEO Matt, a very successful online retailer himself before starting Veeqo, this guide is full of insider tips and easily-actionable, hands-on advice.

This is what makes this the only guide on order picking and packing you’ll ever need. We cover everything from how to organise your warehouse in the most efficient way, to the many different order picking and packing options that are out there. That way you can create  so you can select the one that suits your business best.

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On a more personal note – this is a project I’ve been working on for a while and I’m really proud and excited to share it with you. To give you a little taster of the goodness that is this ebook, I’ve uploaded the introduction to this post.

I hope you’ll like it! I’d love to hear your thoughts and/or feedback in the comments section.


Picking and picking advice is hard to come by online. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of relevant and easily-actionable information for medium to large online retailers out there. What you do find tends to be very top-line and theoretical, and quite frankly not very helpful. Or it’s aimed at huge and established online businesses who process tens of thousands of orders a day.

So what about those who are looking for nitty-gritty – and genuinely useful – advice?

Well look no further.

This guide is going to cover the many different picking and packing options that are available to ecommerce retailers. We’ll also show you some real-life examples from our customers – so you can see first-hand how other successful online retailers tackle their picking and packing. We spoke to over 20 companies and found that every retailer has a unique process, tailored specifically to suit their product and business priorities.

Who is this guide for?

This guide is perfect for online retailers shipping between 50 – 1,000 orders per day, who want to put in place, or improve, their picking and packing strategy by understanding what processes other retailers have in place. Those entrepreneurs and managers who are hungry for more, on the hunt for best practice methods and always looking for new and better ways to conduct business.

What are the benefits of changing your current process?

Minimise mistakes

  • With a flawed picking and packing process, parcels can very easily go to wrong customers.
  • This results in unhappy customers. And takes extra work and money to resolve.
  • Having a bullet-proof process in place will save you time and money as it reduces errors.

Ship orders faster

  • Increasing picking and packing efficiencies means you’ll be able to process orders more quickly.
  • You’ll be able to offer a later order cut-off time to your customers and process more orders.
  • The reduction in errors means will result in a decrease in incoming customer service phone calls chasing up orders.
  • This will also keep your ratings on Amazon and eBay high.

Save money

  • Having an solid picking and packing process in place will reduce the number of people/man hours required to process one order.

This means you can re-allocate your staff to increase overall business efficiency and need to hire less.


Key steps in dispatching customer orders

Once an order is placed by your customer, there are four main steps before the parcel is ready to get out the door and be handed over to your shipping provider of choice.

Step 1: Receiving the orders

Gather your orders and their details from all your sales channels – like your ecommerce website, marketplaces, retail stores, phone orders and more.

Step 2: Picking the orders

Now you need to find the corresponding products for each order in your warehouse.
70% of labour time when processing an order is spent picking the products. So any efficiencies here can help reduce your costs.

Step 3: Packing the orders

Print the invoice, pack the products into your packaging of choice, print the shipping label, and mark the order as shipped on the relevant sales channels.

Step 4: Shipping the orders

In this last step, your chosen shipping company collects all your parcels and they are en route to your customers.

The Definitive Guide to Picking & Packing

… to read on get your free copy right here.

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