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How to Manage a Large Amount of Amazon Orders


If you ship more than 50 Amazon orders a day then you can consider yourself a large volume shipper. We have spent time talking to a lot of our high volume customers to find out how they process their orders in the most efficient way possible:

1. Have a defined procedure and schedule for doing your picking, packing and shipping, rather than doing ad-hoc. This way of doing everything at the same time will mean time savings for you and your team. For example:

  1. 3:00pm invoices & shipping labels are printed along with a picking list
  2. 3:15pm Picking team start collecting the products.
  3. 3:30pm Orders are packaged, invoice added and shipping label attached
  4. 4:00pm Shipments collected by courier

2. Store your inventory so it’s easy to identify everything and get easy access. So this could be shelving with product name/SKU clearly attached to the shelf. Even better would be to categorise areas within your storage areas – so for example you would have Aisle A/Shelf B.  This should be included on the pick list, so it speeds up pickers finding stock.

3. Be sure to Pre-pack popular very popular goods, so if you have a best seller, get them pre-packged into boxes, so you just have to add invoices/shipping labels. In busy times this will save you vital minutes.

4. Print shipping labels automatically. You should not have to copy and paste customer data into a courier platform to print your labels, it should be part of your order management software, this not only saves minutes of time but also cuts off human error, which can result in wrong goods going to the wrong persons, causing a bad reputation and a lot of work for customer service.

5. Automate as much of the shipping process as possible, so you should be able to bulk print invoices/packing slips/picking lists easily, and print shipping labels. The more you can automate, the less man hours that are required and less mistakes that happen.

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Written by Matt Warren

CEO & Founder at Veeqo
CEO and Founder of Veeqo - the inventory and shipping platform for ecommerce, helping online retailers deliver the experience their customers deserve.

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