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Earlier this month, Veeqo had the opportunity to mingle with a host of talented, interesting businesspeople at the London eCommerce expo. We took advantage of our position in order to grab some of these people for interviews, tips, and advice on all things ecommerce.

Name: Artur Kosla
Business: Web Interpret

What does your business do?

We allow our customers to grow internationally. If you’re selling on eBay and Amazon, we can take care of the listings, copy them, translate them, and put them on international eBay sites or Amazon sites.

Where are you from?

I’m from Poland actually, but we are based in Poland, France, Italy – many countries!

When did the business start?

From 2007 the business started, in France. So we helped the French customers first of all, then we expanded to the British market, and US customers, and German customers, and then the others.

Do you have any advice for someone starting their own business?

Keep it simple and keep it original. The idea has to be innovative with the ability to move forward – preferably something internet-related, such as ecommerce. The quality needs to be there. So if you’re providing a customer with a service, like we do, the quality needs to be top-notch, and that’s very important.

What qualities do you think are important for a business to be successful?

Professional customer service for the client first of all. The customer needs to be able to call the business and receive some answers – a solution, that’s very important. Secondly, prices of the products, the solutions, they need to be competitive, but also beneficial for you as a company. We need to perform some kind of research first of all, before starting a business, to see what is the best price to go for in the market. And lastly, the idea – what you want to do with the business, how you want to expand in the future – you need a business plan.

Do you have any tips for a business looking to go international?

You have to be very flexible in terms of customers because each market is different from the others. The German market could be very different from the UK, for example. You need to research each individual market before you start.

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