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Inventory Management Comparison: Veeqo Vs. Linnworks


Choosing an multichannel inventory management software can be a stressful and difficult decision, especially if you’re not 100% sure what you’re looking for. We’re putting together a comparison guide for inventory management software to help you choose.


Veeqo is an all-in-one cloud-based order management and inventory solution which syncs your inventory across all your sales channels in real time, manages your orders, and automatically prints your couriers shipping labels. 

Because it’s cloud based, Veeqo’s multi channel inventory management system works on iPad, Mac or PC. Being a cloud based web system 

With many of the price plans, Veeqo gives you a free barcode scanner. Using a barcode scanner combined with your Veeqo account will make scanning invoices and searching for products simpler with just one click and cuts down shipping time. There’s a free trial and you can book a free demonstration of the software.

Key Features: 

The system offers multi-currency support and also supports full and partial returns for orders.

  • Veeqo’s order management software function syncs your orders in real time, which means it checks for new orders every 10 minutes. It also updates your web store or marketplace in real time, so you no longer need to worry about whether you’ve sold out of an item in one of your stores as stock levels will be updated. View orders by sales channel, status, stock location, customer delivery choice and shipping destination, and import/export orders via CSV. You can also sync your order with your accounting software.
  • View and manage all your orders from one system with Veeqo’s multichannel software, no more logging into multiple systems to check for new orders. Veeqo lets you manage your Amazon,eBay, Magento, Shopify & WooCommerce orders from one dashboard, saving you time and effort – no more logging in and out of all your different marketplaces multiple times a day.
  • Batch print custom shipping labels from Veeqo with 1 click, this can save you up to 5 minutes per order when dispatching.
  • Sync with Xero accounting for easier bookkeeping.
  • Create and manage purchase orders and automatically email them to your suppliers, sync them with Xero and easily see what you have on order with suppliers. You can also set reorder levels, so when your stock is low, you can automatically order more.
  • With Veeqo’s dashboard and reports, you can see all the important facts and figures, for example profit and returns, across all your sales channels in simple, easy-to-read graphs. You can view each webstore or marketplace individually, or check out sales figures for brands.
  • Get a free barcode scanner with some of the payment plans to make inventory and order management quicker and easier. 

Amazon, eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Xero, Royal Mail, FedEx, MyHermes


There is a free 14 day free trial, then Veeqo has 5 different price plans.

  • £25 a month for 200 orders and products, 1 user, webstore or marketplace
  • £75 p/m for 1,000 products, 2 users, 1 warehouses, shipping integrations, 2 marketplaces and 1 webstore channel
  • £100 p/m for 4,000 orders, 6,000 products, 3 users, 2 warehouses, shipping integrations, 3 marketplaces, 2 webstore channels, free barcode scanner
  • £190 p/m for 10,000 orders, 20,000 products, 6 users, 2 warehouses, shipping integrations, 5 marketplaces, 3 webstore channels, free barcode scanner
  • £300 for 15,000 orders, 30,000 producrs, 15 users, 4 warehouses, shipping integrations, 10 marketplaces, 4 webstore channels, free barcode scanner 

Linnworks is an Order Management tool for streamlining and automating some of the more repetitive tasks involved in running your business. Keep your stock and orders up to date with less risk of mistakes or duplication. 

Print documentation, update stock levels on your selling channels, and generate and manage your listings, so you you can focus on the growth and improvement of your business. Linnworks focuses on clear pricing plans so there’s no compulsory contract commitments or up front fees.

Key Features: 
  • Multichannel software connects your eBay, Amazon and website with Royal Mail and other couriers. You can design and edit your own shipping labels, which you can automatically print.
  • You can manage your orders from one screen with the order management function. Process your orders easier with filtering, re-allocating, and dispatching individually or in bulk. Any order that comes through the system will automatically update the internal inventory in the system available stock levels, allowing you to keep accurate stock levels in warehouses.
  • There’s a stock control feature which gives you more control over your inventory, allowing you to ensure that you never run out of stock – set minimum stock levels so that when your popular items are running low, you can reorder more automatically.
  • Inventory management software which syncs your channels and updates them so that if an item is sold, the other channels will have their stock updated. You can view your inventory from one dashboard.
  • Shipping allows you to assign orders to couriers, embed shipping labels into invoices (there’s a template designer you can use to edit shipping labels), and use customer couriers.
  • The bulk listing tool enables you to list information across your marketplaces and webstores. 

eBay, Amazon,, Play, Sears, Price Minister, Magento, Bigcommerce, Shopify, 3dCard, Volusion 


30 day free trial, then:

  • Basic – £80 per month for 2 users, 1000 products, limited support, LinnLive Listing, scripting, API access, and autonomous sync (£65 p/m if you take a 12 month contract).
  • Standard – £180 per month for 5 users, unlimited products, standard support, LinnLive Listing, scripting, API access, autonomous sync, and Meanrepricer tool (£150 p/m if you take a 12 month contract).
  • Pro – £360 per month for 10 users, unlimited products, extended support, LinnLive Listing, scripting, API access, autonomous sync, Meanrepricer tool and Linnworks analytics (£300 if you take a 12 month contract).
  • Enterprise – £570 for unlimited users, unlimited product limit, priority support, LinnLive listing, scripting, API access, autonomous sync, Meanrepricer tool, Linnworks analytics, SQL database access. 
Veeqo Vs. Linnworks 

Both tools are similar, yet very different in terms of some features and pricing strategies.

Veeqo, for starters, is cloud-based, meaning you can effectively take the system anywhere with you, providing you have a smartphone or connection to the internet, whereas with Linnworks, you must use the computer on which the software is installed. 

The general opinion on Linnworks is that the system is unnecessarily complicated, while Veeqo’s is simplistic in its design and easy to understand. 

Linnworks offer a 30 day free trial, whereas Veeqo offer a 14 day free trial, however Veeqo’s prices are much cheaper than Linnworks. 

LinnWorks has a bulk listing tool, which Veeqo does not, however Veeqo is currently working on a product pushing, which performs the same function, and will be released soon. 

Veeqo offers phone support to all its customers, whereas Linnworks only offers this for customers pro and enterprise customers (which costs more).


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