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January Round-Up: 3 Amazing Retailers Who Are Growing Their Business With Veeqo


The first month of 2017 is drawing to a close, and we can’t believe how quickly it’s gone! A wide range of amazing retailers sign up to Veeqo every day – here’s a selection of some of our favourite new customers.

Heavy Rep Gear


Heavy Rep Gear was created by two childhood friends, who spotted a gap in the fitness market for sustainable yet fashionable apparel. With an eye for the industry the owners are continuously innovating and adapting, which results in a brand with quality and style at its core.

As a successful omnichannel retailer, Heavy Rep Gear will be benefitting greatly from the Amazon and eBay lister tool in Veeqo. And with hundreds of orders coming in through their marketplaces and Shopify store every week, Heavy Rep Gear is looking forward to being able to sync orders and inventory levels across all their stores through Veeqo.


Abbott Lyon


Abbott Lyon create slick, beautifully designed watches, sunglasses and other accessories. The brand aims to create modern quality pieces that are elegant and affordable.

With hundreds of different SKU’s, the retailer will benefit greatly from the ability to create kits and bundles within Veeqo. Furthermore, Veeqo will support Abbott Lyon in becoming a truly global multichannel retailer; with thousands of orders coming in every month, they are now looking to add multiple Shopify stores internationally to their existing UK Shopify store.




Shephy make incredibly comfy and luxurious indoor slippers. They pride themselves in their classic design, and the high quality and craftsmanship of their products.

Selling through their Shopify store, as well as eBay in the UK and multiple Amazon stores internationally, Shephy will be able to save a lot of time managing all their stores, orders and shipping in Veeqo – whether those are domestic or international.




Sound awesome? We think so. If you want to find out more, read some of our customer stories here.

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