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New Feature: Products Kits/Bundles


We are really excited to launch our new product kit feature which we have had a lot of requests for from our customers. You can now create a product which is made up from other products.

An example of this might be your “Summer Delight Jam Box” product which is made up from these separate products:

  • 2 x Strawberry Jam
  • 2 x Raspberry Jam

Veeqo then updates the stock level of Summer Delight Jam Box based on the stock of the two linked products.  When you sell a product kit we adjust the stock of the linked products.

Some of our clients are using this kitting/bundling feature for products they manufacture themselves, so they can track the raw materials.

You can try this and many more feature using our free trial www.veeqo.com

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Written by Matt Warren

CEO and Founder of Veeqo. We make software that helps ecommerce retailers manage and grow their online business.

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