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New Feature: Royal Mail Shipping Rules


It’s taken a while but well worth the wait, you can now create shipping rules for our Royal Mail integration. You can now set rules, so when you come to ship your orders the correct Royal Mail service and options will be selected already.

Each rule can be controlled by min/max weight, min/max order total, sales channel, delivery method and if the order is domestic/international. You can edit your rules in SETTINGS > SHIPPING RULES.

Then when you go to ship an order, the correct shipping service will be selected already. Over the next few weeks we will be releasing phase II of this, which will mean you can then bulk print/ship Royal Mail orders.

Click here to learn more about Veeqo’s shipping software features

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Written by Matt Warren

CEO & Founder at Veeqo
CEO and Founder of Veeqo - the inventory and shipping platform for ecommerce, helping online retailers deliver the experience their customers deserve.

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