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This month we’re excited to announce some new features and improvements for you. Please let us know your feedback on these releases so we can continue to provide the best software on the market.

Order Popup

Now you no longer need to scroll to see key data on the order popup screen.

New Shipping Rules 

One of our newest features is that you now have the option of adding “Country” and “Quantity” in shipping rules, making shipments more customisable. We’ve had feedback from our customers saying that the type of service was often dependent upon the country that the package was being sent to and the parcel type was dependent on how many of a product they were sending e.g., box for 5 items vs. large letter for 2 items, so we have added these two criteria.

iOS App

Lat week we launched our inventory management app for iPhones.

  1. Quickly find products using the built in barcode scanner which uses your iPhone camera, through a list, or by using the search feature.
  2. Easily change stock levels straight away across all your stores while away from your desk.
  3. View product stock information.
  4. See which stores your products are selling on, their price and current stock quantity.
Amazon Lister Has Had a Makeover

We’ve made our Amazon lister tool nicer to look at so it’s easier to use. It’s currently in Beta, so if anyone wants to test it out, just send us a message.

Improved New Orders Page

You can now search for customer addresses by typing in their zipcode/postcode. This makes inputting customer addresses much easier and quicker because you don’t have to type the entire address out, you simply input the postcode and a list of house numbers will come up. You can then select the correct address from the list.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these features, so please leave a comment or send us an email.

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