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What eBay sellers are doing to sell more

Written by Richard Protheroe • 28th July 2015

  If you’re an eBay seller the numbers are very impressive. There are more than 250+ million searches every day and in 2014 the platform reached $1 billion in sales. eBay is a great platform for people looking to enter the world of online selling, due to its user friendly interface and reputation for been […]

How do eBay Templates help increase sales?

Written by Matt Warren • 14th April 2015

Frooition are online branding experts who create beautiful designs for some of the World’s biggest brands. Most well-known for designing eBay Templates, Frooition have had over 10 years’ experience developing eBay templates that increase sales. How does a design increase sales? There are a number of features that help increase sales, and ultimately it does […]

Tools for Staying at the Top on Amazon & eBay

Written by Jodie Pride • 27th March 2015

It’s not just low prices to get you to the top spot on Amazon and eBay. Being the most cost-effective option is an important factor, but there are many other aspects you’ll need to optimize in order to make sure you rank high and stay in that position. eBay has a system called “best match” […]