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How to Turn your Customer Reviews into Ecommerce Sales

How to Turn your Customer Reviews into Ecommerce Sales

Written by Lea Haagen • 26th June 2017

Positive reviews can do a lot to improve the perception people have of your ecommerce store and brand as a whole. But how do you encourage them and turn them into solid sales? Word of mouth is the best form of advertising you can get – it’s been true for decades, but in this digital […]

11 Simple Tweaks to Maximize Your eCommerce Sales (Expert Advice!)

Written by David Masters • 20th January 2014

When you’re making enough ecommerce sales to get by, it can be easy to fall into a groove and forget that you could be doing better. After all, the fact that you run a successful business means you’re already awesome. How about ramping up the volume on your awesome-ness? Get your jive on to move […]

Are You Missing Out On the eCommerce January Sales Rush?

Written by David Masters • 6th January 2014

January sales have been in full swing for a couple of weeks now. Has your eCommerce store made the most of the sales period to drive up your revenue for the winter season? Or have you been too busy recovering with a post-Christmas hangover? However you’ve done in the sales this year, the slow-down period […]