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7 Simple Ways To Build Revenue With Transactional Emails

Written by Lea Haagen • 3rd May 2017

  Email is not dead. Despite what you may have read, email is alive and well. Who doesn’t want more revenue from their ecommerce channels?! And believe it or not – transactional messages are one powerful tool that can help.   Veeqo’s newest release “7 Simple Ways To Build Revenue With Transactional Emails” is your one-stop guide […]

Speaking the Language of Email: Be Fluent in 5 Minutes

Written by Jodie Pride • 3rd July 2014

Communication is complicated. We use a completely different syntax depending on who we’re talking to – friends, family, our boss, the cat. Marketing is no different. Writing copy for email marketing may seem simple enough, but getting your mailing list to actually read – or even open – what you send them is more complicated […]