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What Mobile Commerce Means For Retailers

Written by Jodie Pride • 23rd June 2015

Smartphones and other mobile devices have become an important part of commerce and the customer journey as a whole with advances in mobile technology changing the way that consumers research, purchase and pay for their products and services.

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Ecommerce KPI’s Every Retailer Needs to Track

Written by Jodie Pride • 16th June 2015

KPI’s – or Key Performance Indicators – are used to track and measure your company’s success at reaching its targets. They are measurable values which demonstrate how well your company is meeting its objectives, and monitoring them helps retailers evaluate their progress in sales, marketing and customer service.

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Order Management Comparison: Veeqo Vs. ChannelGrabber

Written by Jodie Pride • 16th April 2015

It can be stressful and difficult to choose an multichannel inventory management software, especially if you’re not 100% certain what you’re looking for. It’s daunting looking at all the different options, so we’re putting together a comparison guide for inventory management software to make it a little easier and to help you choose.

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Why Ecommerce Retailers Need Order Management Software

Written by Jodie Pride • 8th March 2015

As an Ecommerce retailer, you’ll understand that maintaining a well organised inventory and staying on top of dozens of orders (or more) a day can become challenging and frustrating. But having an organised system of inventory and order management can make things run so much more smoothly. More and more ecommerce retailers are investing in […]

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Order Management Software – Top Features Yours Should Have

Written by Matt Warren • 10th February 2015

Aside from managing all of your orders in one system, an order management solution should be packed with useful and innovative features so that you’re getting your money’s worth – why have three different systems when you can have one that does it all? Inventory Management A good order management system should have inventory management functionality that’s […]

Choosing Order Management Software for Your Business

Written by Jodie Pride • 24th October 2014

When choosing an order management system, there are many things to think about – you don’t want to end up wasting your valuable money by choosing a product that’s not right for you or your business. You need to take into consideration your business needs, and what you want from an order management software before […]