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23 Simple Marketing Tips To Increase Ecommerce Sales By 57%

Written by Richard Protheroe • 14th July 2017

Regardless of whether you’re just starting your ecommerce journey or you’ve been a successful retailer for years, marketing your business is crucial to your success. When it comes to ecommerce marketing, it is vital sometimes just to take a step back and evaluate how well you are doing things. You may find yourself asking… How […]

Pinterest eCommerce marketing

How Retailers Use Pinterest to Boost Sales

Written by Matt Warren • 20th October 2016

Pinterest is a social platform built on collections – or boards – of beautiful, shareable images, providing a bite-sized visual feed for its users. Most retailers know that it’s wise to set up accounts on all the major social networks (that includes Pinterest), but they might not necessarily be utilising them in the best way. […]

How to Market Your Ecommerce Store on Pinterest

Written by Jodie Pride • 8th April 2015

If you haven’t already heard of it, Pinterest is a social media site with a focus on images and videos arranged in a bulletin board style layout, and it has become one of the largest social networks. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, which rely on content from a network of friends and followers, Pinterest is made […]

Pinterest and the Art of Reverse Showrooming

Written by David Masters • 30th September 2013

Bricks and mortar retailers have identified showrooming as a major threat to their business. Showrooming is where customers browse products in-store, choose what they like, then buy online from a different retailer at a cheaper price. With smartphones in practically everyone’s pockets, the practice has stirred up a storm in the retail world. But now […]

How Your Ecommerce Business Can Make the Most of Pinterest

Written by David Masters • 22nd July 2013

Marketing your business online, it can feel like you’re forever playing catch up. Whether it’s SEO, PPC ads, updating your website, or just plain old social media, it always feels like there’s more to learn and more to do. Perhaps that’s why many online entrepreneurs and ecommerce traders have yet to catch on to the […]