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Ultimate Guide to eBay SEO

Written by Jodie Pride • 25th June 2015

If you want to be a successful at selling on eBay you need to drive traffic to your store. While some of your listings will show up in eBay search, depending on the competition for that item and elsewhere on eBay, it helps enormously to have a balance of store and auction items and use […]

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Why You Should Consider Selling on ebay and Amazon

Written by Jodie Pride • 8th May 2015

eBay and Amazon are both online marketplaces which offer huge opportunities for small retailers trading online, even if they’re not experts in ecommerce. The process of setting up and selling on these marketplaces can be very simple – Amazon, for example, will set up a site for you, store your stock and even ship your […]

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7 Tips to Boost Reviews on eBay & Amazon

Written by Jodie Pride • 16th April 2015

Amazon and eBay browsers are much more likely to purchase from a reputable seller with great feedback and reviews on their items, which means that ensuring that you’re a trusted seller can be great for increasing sales; no one wants to buy from a seller with hardly any feedback (or worse – poor feedback), so […]

Top Tips for Selling on Ebay

Written by Matt Warren • 17th July 2014

Ebay is a great platform for getting your products online quickly. Its easy-to-use interface guides you through uploading your wares, so you can be up and selling in minutes. Its immediacy can, however, also be a seller’s downfall. As it’s so straightforward and fast to get selling there are millions of people doing it all […]

How to Write Good Titles for eBay Listings

Written by David Masters • 16th December 2013

When it comes to getting buyers for your eBay listings, titles matter. Writing good titles for eBay products is vital for two reasons. 1. Along with the item picture, the title is the only thing most eBay users will ever see. If it doesn’t entice a click to check out the item, you’ll fail to […]