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The UK’s 5 Best Hosted and Paid Ecommerce Platforms

Written by Lea Haagen • 31st July 2017

Finding the best ecommerce platform for your business can be a real challenge. You have plenty of freedom (there are countless options available) but you can easily feel overwhelmed by the sheer variety of providers on offer – unless you know what differentiates one solution from the next. In this comparison guide, we’ll take a look […]

Infographic: The Power of Multichannel Ecommerce

Written by Lea Haagen • 5th July 2017

Multichannel retail is undoubtedly the future of ecommerce. In today’s world, customers expect to purchase your products on any platform they like, on any device they like, from anywhere in the world. There are endless benefits to selling on your own, branded ecommerce store. But if you’re not also listing your products on the world’s […]

Online Retailers Receive Three Times As Many Orders On Black Friday

Written by Duncan La Barre • 5th December 2016

At Veeqo, we’ve been doing some research on how our software performed over the Black Friday 4-day weekend. Our insights discovered that online retailers receive up to THREE TIMES as many orders on Black Friday than any other day in November. We also found that the average order value retailers receive is 33% higher on […]

How to increase your retail sales by selling multichannel

Written by Matt Warren • 25th October 2016

Becoming a successful online retailer isn’t easy, and if you’re not already selling your products multichannel – in other words, on any possible platform where people might be looking to purchase – then you’re limiting the amount of sales your business can generate. Customers want to be able to purchase your product wherever they are, […]

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WooCommerce Vs Shopify Comparison

Written by Jodie Pride • 2nd July 2015

It can be difficult to choose an online sales channel, especially with the abundance of options available at the moment. They all have a ton of cool features and a pricing plan to suit every pocket, but which one is the right one for you?

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Shopify Vs. WooCommerce Comparison Guide

Written by Jodie Pride • 11th April 2015

Because there are so many different online marketplaces you can choose from, and they all offer different features, pricing plans and integrations, we’ve put together some comparisons to help you make a decision.  We are going to start with two of the biggest and most popular marketplaces: Shopify and WooCommerce. Now, they’re both popular for […]

Shopify or Amazon? The Benefits of Multi-Channel eCommerce

Written by David Masters • 28th October 2013

As an eCommerce trader, is it better to sell on Shopify or Amazon? Starting your own retail business has never been easier. As long as you’ve got a product to sell, and some basic computer skills, you’re ready to trade. With Amazon, you can list your products for sale in the Amazon Marketplace. Listing products […]

Why Shopify is a Must Have for High Street Traders

Written by David Masters • 14th October 2013

Britain’s high streets are in decline. One in six shops lies empty. A recent report found half of high street retailers are in danger of closing down. Out of town shopping centres are one reason for this decline, but what’s really driving the change is internet shopping. According to the government figures, the internet now […]