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7 New and Exciting Features in Veeqo

Written by Matt Warren • 12th May 2017

At Veeqo, our team works tirelessly around the clock to make sure you have the best possible platform for managing and growing your ecommerce business. Take a look at just 7 of the new features we’ve rolled out over the past few weeks.   1. Update your product pricing directly in Veeqo You can now use Veeqo […]

New Veeqo Features

Written by Jodie Pride • 23rd June 2015

Great news – we have some exciting new Veeqo features to announce! Veeqo customers are now able to ship their orders in Veeqo directly with the UPS integration. All you need to do is choose which UPS services you’d like to use and Veeqo will create and print the label, update the order as shipped, […]

Veeqo’s New Feature: What do YOU think?

Written by Jodie Pride • 17th June 2014

Here at Veeqo, we care. We care about the environment, and politics, and the state of the economy. But most of all, we care about our customers. And while we can’t reverse global warming, or hand-pick the next prime minister, or turn the economy around, we can make sure we provide our customers with the […]