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Taxes to be Aware of When Shipping Internationally

Written by Jodie Pride • 5th August 2015

Offering international shipping can be great for ecommerce retailers because it exposes you to a much wider market, but retailers need to make themselves aware of the taxes involved in shipping overseas. We’re going to look the taxes involved when shipping goods to the UK, Australia, Japan and China. Retailers shipping to the UK Goods […]

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Xero Addons to Make Your Life Easier Ecommerce Retail Inventory

Written by Jodie Pride • 23rd March 2015

Xero has so many addons to choose from, but here are a few we think are really going to make your life easier.  Entryless – Bills & Expenses Entryless is a Xero addon which deals with all things related to your bills and expenses. It allows you to use digital ledger entries from your bills […]

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Accounting Software Packages for Ecommerce Retailers

Written by Matt Warren • 27th February 2015

  Accounting can be complicated, time consuming and very frustrating, even for those who have experience in the field, so we’ve compiled this handy list of our favourite accounting software packages for retailers.

Xero inventory

Xero Inventory – Best Methods

Written by Matt Warren • 25th February 2015

Having an an inventory management that syncs with your Xero inventory software is great as it will keep your accounts in sync with your business. Syncing stock across your web stores, importing sales invoices and creating purchase orders are some of the benefits of linking your inventory management software with Xero, Veeqo's Inventory management software has [...]