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5 Fantastic New Features

We are always adding new features and integrations to Veeqo. We like to grow and evolve to meet our customers’ needs and strive to be the best in the industry.

So what tasty features have we developed for you this week? Have a look…

1. MyHermes courier support. Export your orders, ready to ship in MyHermes format, and easily import & print your MyHermes labels.

2. Showing kits breakdown in orders. You can now see which products are kits and what items and quantity are in that kit.

3. Re-shipment function. Create duplicate Royal Mail shipping labels from previous shipped orders. Parcel not arrived with a client? No problem: Easily send it out again and re-create a new shipment.

4. Archive Warehouse. You can now safely archive a warehouse location.

5. New fields for suppliers. Add their telephone numbers and bank details.

We hope you enjoy these sparkly new features. Click here to visit Veeqo, and always, please give us your feedback!

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Written by Jodie Pride

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