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Top Tips for Selling on Ebay


Ebay is a great platform for getting your products online quickly. Its easy-to-use interface guides you through uploading your wares, so you can be up and selling in minutes.

Its immediacy can, however, also be a seller’s downfall. As it’s so straightforward and fast to get selling there are millions of people doing it all over the world. That’s one heck of a crowd for your business to get lost in.

So here are few simple tips to help you stand out and get ahead when selling on Ebay.

Be a buyer

Yes, we know you want to be a seller, but what does every Ebay seller need? A trusted reputation, ideally earned by lots of gleaming reviews. Well seeing as you won’t have these from the get go, you can start with a great reputation as a buyer instead.

Before you upload your first items to sell, buy a few first. These could be things your business needs anyway making them useful expenditure too. Be clear and friendly when asking the seller a question, pay them swiftly and leave them a helpful review as soon as possible. You’ll soon see the 100% positive reviews coming back in return. Then Ebay will helpfully display your positive feedback rating right underneath your username for all future buyers to see.

Do your research

Know your competition is no less true for Ebay than any other business venture. Take a look at other sellers offering similar items to yours to gage

– What sells at what price

– How items are listed including titles and descriptions

– How long auctions last or if they’re mainly Buy It Now

Once you have this invaluable information you’ll have a better understanding of how to pitch your own Ebay sales. Do you undercut your competitors with fast auctions and no reserve price? Should you get the edge by including a Buy It Now option when one else is? Can you stand out by offering more helpful detail in your listings or better photographs? See what you’re up against then use this to inform your selling strategy.

Sell don’t list

Let’s says you’re a rug supplier. You may be selling rugs. You may even be selling Persian rugs or shaggy rugs. But are you selling quality, new, extra thick, soft pile rugs? Or clearance, machine washable, contemporary, woven rugs? Don’t just list your item, sell it by including the terms that will interest your buyers and catch their attention.

You can take this tactic even further by identifying the keywords that will optimise your listing. Again, this is where competitor research comes in as you can see where the listings are really crowded and where there are opportunities. Perhaps your rug isn’t just a Persian rug along with the hundreds of others, but is a large antique Persian silk rug.

Remove all barriers

Is your listing clear and appealing, or are you going to be inundated with buyer enquiries for more details? Have you made the route to checkout as fast as possible? Apply good UX to your Ebay selling as you would with any online offering. Make it as easy as possible for your customers to get the information they need to make a positive purchasing decision. Get them through the checkout as seamlessly as possible by introducing PayPal as a payment option. Yes, this incurs a charge but can be well worth it if it increases your completed sales.

Another barrier to keep an eye on is your reviews and overall star rating. You may well have built up a great rep at the start, but as Ebay means distant selling, your customers will keep using it decide if you’re worth doing business. Make sure your ratings always as close to 100% as possible. This may sound hard, but remember, even if one of your buyers has a problem, responsive, friendly service that quickly sorts the situation can still result in a positive review.

Multi channel

You can further boost your Ebay traction by linking to your listings from your site or blog. If you’ve just put up some new items, tell your customers about it with a new post or banner.  Likewise post it to your Facebook page or tweet that you’ve got new listings. If you really want to push your Ebay profile, you can tell your customers across all your channels.

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Written by Matt Warren

CEO & Founder at Veeqo
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