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Veeqo’s New Feature: What do YOU think?


Here at Veeqo, we care. We care about the environment, and politics, and the state of the economy. But most of all, we care about our customers. And while we can’t reverse global warming, or hand-pick the next prime minister, or turn the economy around, we can make sure we provide our customers with the best possible product and service. That’s why, before we release a new feature, we want to hear from you – so…what do you think?

The New Feature 

Our new feature is a weekly email report on your company’s performance. We’ve made it clean and easy to read, with the key statistics on all your shopping channel performances laid out in one place, comparing them with those from the previous week, to show the % difference.

This allows you to see exactly how much you’ve made that week, and from which channels.

We think it’s pretty cool, but we’re really interested in hearing your feedback before we launch, so don’t be shy – comment, Tweet, email, send a carrier pigeon or shout from the rooftops and get in touch with us to share your opinion!

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Written by Jodie Pride

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