We have raised over £693,000/$1million to help Veeqo grow

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Great news – we have recently raised over £693,000/$1million to accelerate the growth of Veeqo!

We were originally looking to raise an investment of £250k/$400k through Seedrs crowd funding platform, but because of such a high demand from Investors, the investment round overfunded to £693,000, with Daniel McPherson (Launcha) & Tom Singh (founder of New Look) finalising the round with £300,000.

Our founder, Matt Warren, launched Veeqo in June 2014. Matt started Veeqo because he was frustrated with the amount of time spent by team members updating stock from Amazon to Ebay, and overselling on online channels because there was no central system to manage stock levels across various marketplaces. He found most of the products on the market didn’t meet his needs so he decided to build a solution which did exactly what he wanted, and was also simple and easy to use.

Since launch, Veeqo has grown 25% month on month. In 2014, we had a team of 15, and Veeqo has now hired 10 new team members to accelerate growth. 

With this new source of funding, Veeqo aims to expand across the world, grow its customer base and release even more amazing features customers love.

Veeqo recently pitched at 10 downing street as part of a group of high growth startups selected across the UK for the Pitch at Number 10 event.

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