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What’s Your Brand’s Personality?


The Internet has opened up business opportunities for anyone with an iPad and a WiFi connection. That’s great news for budding entrepreneurs, but it also creates its own challenges.

With anyone able to start a business, competition is rife. You must go the extra mile to get your brand in front of eyeballs, and get people to remember you and come back again and again.

You need to build brand awareness, and key to that is a strong, consistent brand personality.

But what is a brand personality?

What is Brand Personality?

As people, our personalities are largely decided for us. We inherit some personality traits from our parents, and we pick up others from our experiences growing up. We have some say in who we are, but not a great deal. An introvert cannot wake up one morning and say “from this day forth, I will be an extrovert”. It doesn’t work like that.

Brands have the advantage of being able to consciously choose their personality. You get to pick character traits that reflect your brand and your products, You can pick a personality that helps you raise brand awareness and your bottom line.

So what is a personality? For brands, it’s made up of your:

  • attitudes
  • values
  • behaviour
  • opinions

All brands have attitudes, values and opinions. All brands do things. As such, whether or not you consciously construct your brand’s personality, your brand has one. Being aware of your personality allows you to develop it in the way that’s best for your business.

Personality Effects Everything

Your brand’s personality is everywhere. Some aspects of your brand’s personality are obvious. For example, if your website copy is informal and playful, you come across as a brand people can relate to. Others are less obvious, but just as important. For example, if your customer’s delivery is late or damaged, then you’re showing that you’re unreliable.

It’s vital that your personality is consistent in everything you do. If your website is bright, colourful and happy, but your call centre staff are curt and overly efficient, you’ll come across as having a personality disorder, and customers will sense something is wrong. They might not be able to put their finger on what’s happening, but they’ll take their money elsewhere.

Choosing Your Brand’s Personality

Whether or not you’ve thought about your brand’s personality before, it already has one. If your business is successful, chances are your brand’s personality is strong and consistent. If you’re struggling, you’ll likely find personality flaws or inconsistencies.

Knowing the personality your brand already has is the first step in choosing your brand’s personality. If your brand has a range of personality characteristics, choose which you’d like to emphasise, and decide how you can bring those to everything you do.

To help you get started in thinking through your brand’s personality, take a look at this extensive list of character traits. It’s designed for fiction writers building characters, but it’s the perfect place to start building a character for your business.

What kind of person do you want your brand to be?

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