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Why Shopify is a Must Have for High Street Traders


Britain’s high streets are in decline. One in six shops lies empty. A recent report found half of high street retailers are in danger of closing down.

Out of town shopping centres are one reason for this decline, but what’s really driving the change is internet shopping. According to the government figures, the internet now accounts for 9% of all retail sales. This figure is only set to grow.

At Veeqo, we’re firm believers in the power of the internet to sell products. But we don’t believe the high street needs to be a victim of the internet.

Instead, we believe the internet is an opportunity for high street retailers to provide a rounded, multi-channel experience for customers. Get it right, and having an internet store will only make your bricks-and-mortar shop stronger.

The truth is, most people want a combination of the convenience of online shopping, and the physical experience of handling a product in store. That’s why showrooming is so popular among consumers, and why reverse showrooming is taking off.

Showrooming blurs the lines between digital and physical. Retailers who take advantage of this trend by going multi-channel are putting themselves ahead of the crowd.

For high street traders who want to get online, we recommend Shopify. If you’re one of the 300,000 businesses trading on the high streets, then Shopify could be your perfect match. Here’s why.

Shopify is Inexpensive

One of the biggest fears retailers have about setting up shop online is cost. Doesn’t creating a website cost thousands of pounds?

We live in tight economic times, and budgets are tight, so it’s a good question.

While it’s true that hiring a web developer can cost thousands (or tens of thousands) of pounds, it’s no longer the case that you need a web developer to create an eCommerce website.

Shopify has done all the hard work of coding a website. Even the design work is done for you. All you have to do is pick a design template or theme that you like and add your logo. You can check out our list of the best Shopify themes here.

With prices starting at £10 a month for a starter Shopify package, and maxing out at £121 for an unlimited package, having a well-designed, easy to use online store is affordable for even the smallest of retailers.

Shopify is Easy to Use

As we’ve already outlined, Shopify handles all the tricky coding and design work, leaving you to concentrate on selling your products.

With a built-in walkthrough guide to setting up an online store, Shopify can be used by anyone with basic computer know-how. If you can write an email, or create a word document, you can set up a Shopify store. They really have made things as simple as possible. Listing new products is intuitive.

What Shopify doesn’t do for you is manage your in-store inventory across different sales channels. That’s why we’ve built Veeqo.

Shopify Grows With You

As your online business grows, Shopify can handle the pressure. It has a wide range of optional features and apps so you can improve your online store quickly and easily, as and when you need to.

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Written by David Masters

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